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Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp

Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp-Alberta

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For those of you following my Facebook page, you might have seen a posting on my page by one of my followers about the above mentioned camp. Although Alberta is right next door to BC, where I live, I had not heard of that camp. However, once I looked at the Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp website, I was sold! For those of you who want a First Nations living experience, a getaway that follows the principles of the Red Road, this is the place to go!

tipis sunset

The camp offers camping facilities, in which you sleep in tipis! How cool is that! The waterfront setting seems gorgeous and very relaxing. This is the place to reconnect with nature, with Mother Earth, to talk to our relations and to learn about the Prairie native culture. The site offers guided nature walks, drum and dance demonstrations, smudging, yoga and crafts sessions. Basically a place to reconnect with the way of life of our ancestors, a place to get ourselves grounded and connected to the land. 

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Looking at the prices, they do seem reasonable considering the site. Moreover, school field trips can be taken there with sleepovers. I know I would have loved that growing up! Finally, I saw a package available for the change of seasons (Summer solstice) which, although a tad costly, seems fantastic. However, sometimes it is worth it to get back to our roots, live off the land and get a good night sleep looking at the stars after a long hike 🙂


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