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Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Center Society

Talk about a wonderful wonderful place to have within my city! This center is bursting with resources, celebrations and such a cute gift store called Cedar Root Gallery. This is where I buy a lot of my smudge herbs, including bundles of white buffalo sage. They also sell art by local artists as well as jewelry, scarves, blankets and anything else you can think of 🙂 I am a fan for sure!

sage bundle

white sage bundle from Cedar Root Gallery

The Center

The center itself, with its bit totem out front, welcomes everyone. It has programs for Elders and families while coordinating and running a homeless Aboriginal shelter. it is also where I attend the East Coast Pow wows I go to as well as the West Coast family celebrations. Everyone is welcomed and the ceremonies are free. You can buy products from local artists as well as great food such as fry bread for great prices. Here is an artist also known as the Feather guy who does great Metis art, including jewelry, feathers, bags, dreamcatchers and keychains. Derrick Whiteskycloud’s booth is definitely one to see! He even offers classes such as drum making classes. I will be taking one of those for sure 🙂

dreamcatcher earrings

Dreamcatcher earrings by the Feather guy

Further, on the same nights as the ceremonies, the center also hosts NA and AA meetings. Please come and discover and encourage the center! 

west coast drum

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