dreamcatcher pendant

Dreamcatcher necklace review-Such a beautiful pendant

Native American inspired dreamcatcher necklace

Product: Silver Dreamcatcher necklacedreamcatcher necklace

Price: 28$USD

Where to buy it: Lonely Coyote shop on Etsy

Materials: Silver and snowflake obsidian stones

Rating: 4 1/2 stars




Well if you could see my house, you would know that I love dreamcatchers! I have one in every room. Well okay, in my living room and bedroom (I have 2 in there, one can never have enough…). In this post, I discuss dreamcatchers more thoroughly. For now, I will say that as you can notice, dreamcatchers are circular, just like the medicine wheel. Coincidence? I think not! The circle of life, the connection to all our sides as well as to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Moreover, a dreamcatcher is there to retain good dreams and to chase away bad dreams. Alternatively, some will say that the dreamcatcher retains bad dreams so they do not penetrate the dreamer’s mind. No matter how one looks at it, a dreamcatcher is there to protect you against bad dreams, so your sleep is restful.


I am writing once again about an Etsy shop (what can I say looooove Etsy) called Lonely Coyote. It is where you will find this dreamcatcher necklace. First of all, such a beautiful shop full of Native American jewelry and dreamcatchers. The shop contains numerous versions of the necklace I am reviewing. It arrives carefully packaged with the shop owners’ (Theresa and Dawn) card.


dreamcatcher pendant

Secondly, such a delicate necklace! The details on it (from the tiny feathers to the web) are amazing. The silver is shiny and of good quality. Although i wish the necklace would be a bit larger and longer, it falls beautifully on the person wearing it, as you can see on myself below).

dreamcatcher necklace

It would look beautiful worn with a turtleneck or a v-neck, especially one of a dark color. And what can I say about the stones? Well as we know obsidian stones are meant to protect you, an

dreamcatcher pendant

Lonely Coyote Creations

added protection to the dreamcatcher, if you ask me! And as they are snowflake obsidian stones, you will see white specks on the stones, enhancing the silver of the necklace. 

Therefore, I think that for the listed price, you do get a quality product, representative of the Native culture. As I said, I personally only wish it were an inch or so longer and a bit bigger in diameter.  

But definitively a product worth buying and a shop worth visiting. 

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  1. Ship

    My mom loves dreamcatchers they are very beautiful. I may be looking to get her one soon thanks for the info. What a beautiful heritage.


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