Etsy Holiday shopping guide: Gifts from the Indigenous people of the land

Etsy Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts from the Indigenous people of the land

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If you are like me, you are starting to think about your holiday shopping (I prefer to use “holiday” instead of “Christmas” which has a religious connotation and meaning). And if you are like me, you are all about online shopping. Because really, who wants to battle crowds at the shopping center. And that’s if you can even find parking… So yes, online shopping all the way! And if you know this site, even a little bit, you know one of my favorite places to shop, for literally anything, is Etsy! Yay Etsy!! I just love the concept of Etsy. A place where artists can sell directly to the buyers, where they get a platform to showcase their work and where buyers actually get to interact with them. There are just so many options on Etsy that you can find something for every single person you know. From your mother, to your spouse, to your boss, teacher, mentor or even your neighbor’s dog (I kid you not!).

And a very good place to start your holiday shopping on Etsy is to visit the Editors’ picks page. So so so many categories to choose from. I am definitively partial to the Stocking Stuffers page, as sometimes it’s the little gifts that really make a difference and bring a smile to someone’s face. I am warning you though, once you start browsing you won’t be able to stop. So clear your schedule ’cause you will be looking at gift ideas (all absolutely perfect!) for the next 5 hours, going “ooohhh I want this one, oooohhhhh this is perfect for mom!”.

I am loving this trio of roll on essential oils, where you can pick your oils and scents. Perfect for many occasions (gift swap, gift for a coworker, your sister, or, of course, yourself). And if you have a bit more time, just browse the shop it is from, Treesnail, you will want every single item. From essential oils, to natural soaps and lip glosses and balms. It is honestly heaven for me 🙂 Indeed, natural oils and essences have been used by Native Americans and Indigenous people for centuries. For example, see this post, for natural remedies. Essential oils

Trio of aromatherapy oils-$41.22CAN or $29.70US

Trio of aromatherapy oils-$41.22CAN or $29.70US










Some shops and traditional products and gifts that I recommend

As options are limitless on Etsy, I thought I would help you narrow it down. And of course, my suggestions in this Etsy Holiday Shopping Guide, will be of traditional products from the Indigenous people of the land.


This is an Australian shop I just discovered but I am in love! With their products and their philosophy and business model. Kirrikin is a shop that features the work of Australian Indigenous artists. The cool part (well one of them)? The artwork is featured on cashmere and silk scarves. A concept that reminds me of VIDA, read my post about it here. Traditions and the beauty of the people and their land are shown in the artwork, which you then get to wear. Further, Kirrikin, according to their Etsy shop, is a word that means “your Sunday” and for each sale, a portion is given back to the artist whose artwork is featured.

If you know me, you know I looooove scarves. I have about 30 and I wear one every day. Every single of them with a Native/Indigenous design. I am known for my scarves 🙂 So this shop, I love! I l love it as a gift for a mother, a wife, a girlfriend, a close friend. I just love their scarves as well as what they stand for: the traditions and the Indigenous people of the land. I know I keep repeating “Indigenous people of the land”. That’s because in this day and age, particularly, it is so important to recognize those who were here first and the traditions and beliefs. And Kirrikin does just that.

Tingari scarf

Tingari scarf by Walala Tjapaltajarri

As soon as I checked out their shop, this scarf jumped out at me. I am not sure why, but I think it is the traditional Aboriginal looking design (simple but sharp and gracious). I know the prices are higher than what I usually recommend but the scarves are luxurious and once again part of the profits do go to the original artist. At $256.87CAN it is expensive but it is original and unique and it is a meaningful scarf you will have for a very long time. It is also made of cashmere. You can have the silk chiffon version for $207.59CAN.

Tingari scarf








I am also loving this scarf, “Overland Sigh” by artist Emma Kerslake. I am very attracted to its bright orange tones and just the lightness it has. I know this is one I would wear very frequently! Isn’t it the prettiest color you have ever seen? It makes me smile just looking at it! Get yours here.

Overland Sigh scarf

“Overland Sigh scarf”

Overland Sight scarf










Another shop I recently stumbled upon: Prairie Metis Works. And it certainly pulls at my heart strings as it is operated by Candice, a Red River Metis woman living in Winnipeg, Manitoba (she ships to Canada and the USA). Being in Canada myself, I have a love for our heritage. And the Metis beadwork is such an amazing art form. Read more about its origins here. Candice’s reviews are absolutely fantastic and she seems to offer wonderful products and customer service (with very reasonable prices). One product I know I will be ordering in the next couple of weeks is her chamomile and lemongrass organic tea. For a mere $10 you get 10 teabags or one cup of loose tea. She buys the chamomile and lemongrass from an organic farm and dries and cuts it herself. I love both chamomile and lemongrass for their soothing, healing and calming properties. Get yours now or give it to your children’s teacher or your coworker. Such a practical, easy and beautiful gift!

Chamomile and lemongrass tea

Chamomile and lemongrass tea by Prairie Metis Works

fresh chamomile

fresh chamomile









Now on to that beautiful Metis beadwork! And what better gift for all your Canadian family and friends (except in Vancouver, where we enjoy a mild winter ;)) for Christmas than handmade beaded leather mittens! I just love them! Some of the materials Candice uses include sinew, beaver fur, coyote rabbit fur, Miyuki seed beads and Alaska split suede. This, to me, represent Metis work so well! The materials, the fur, the beading. I have moccasins similar to these mittens and they are just so comfortable and beautiful. I can just feel the softness of those mittens when I look at them. Get them for yourself and for your loved ones for $120.

Metis beaded leather mittens

Metis beaded leather mittens

leather beaded mittens
















Ok one last one! The NativeCraftCanada shop has so many items I want! For myself and as gifts for others. Again many options at different prices that will hit many items on your list. As the name says, Native Craft Canada is a Canadian shop (that ships worldwide from Ontario) that offers traditional authentic Native crafts and accessories made by Crystal, a Native woman who learned to bead as child from a Cree woman. She also uses many natural elements such as birch bark, in her crafts.

Hairpipe choker

Hairpipe choker

I want to start with a gift for him. That’s right, I am also thinking of the men in your life 🙂 This beautiful hairpipe choker would suit a strong traditional man (I certainly knew a few who would love it). I also like that Crystal learned to make this type of necklace from her own father. I am loving its traditional woodsy and strong look. Perfect for your partner or your father or brother. A good gift for $70.

hairpipe choker








Next, I am swooning over Crystal’s Tree of Life pendant (read my article about the meaning of the Tree of Life here). The Tree of Life is such an important concept that represents our relation with everything around us, with all of our relations, those who walk, crawl, swim, our cousins the trees, our grandfather rocks, Mother Earth. We are all related. The use of malachite in this pendant gives it such depth. That deep green color is just stunning. For $35 buy one for yourself and every one of your girl friends! Because once they see yours, they will all want one! I also love that you can choose the length, as we all tend to have our preference necklace length wise.

Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of Life Pendant

And finally, such a good stocking stuffer (ironic as it is a stocking) or a present for a teacher, a coworker, for gift swap or secret Santa or your own tree. The Birch bark stocking ornament with rabbit fur (oooohhhh nice!) is the perfect choice. I think that buying or giving one ornament a year is such a good way to create memories. As each year you get to reminisce about each of them and how it was acquire. And even if you do not have a tree, it can be hung elsewhere. I am thinking in a window or even on mantel (with the bigger stockings) would be good places. I really like the addition of the rabbit fur. It gives it that little extra that makes it special and noticeable among other ornaments. And for $10, the birch bark stocking ornament is a good deal.

Birch bark stocking ornament

Birch bark stocking ornament with rabbit fur

So there you have it! Holiday gift ideas for everyone! Meaningful gifts from the Indigenous people of the land. Gifts that show the traditions, using traditional materials and techniques. All can be found on wonderful Etsy, a site that celebrates Indigenous artists and their artwork. I can spend hours on Etsy. Literally. Because there are so many options. I gave you a few here but take the time to browse as you will find many more. You can also read this article of my mine which contains many more gift options from Etsy (did I say that I was a big Etsy fan…). And if you need more ideas, do not forget to visit the Editors’ Picks Page (plan 4 hours to browse…)!

Happy browsing and happy Indigenous shopping 🙂

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