Holiday shopping ideas: Gifts for everyone on Etsy

Holiday shopping ideas: Gifts for everyone on Etsy

Hello all!

I hope your week is going great 🙂 If you are like me, you are just realizing that the holidays are basically less than a month away and that you need to get your butt in gear and buy gifts for your loved ones! I was lucky enough to be able to attend a Native crafts and arts fair a few days ago and bought a few presents (for myself too….). But holy crap is time going by fast! So I thought I would review and discuss one of my favorite sites of all time: Etsy. Here I introduce some of my favorite shops or items on Etsy and discuss holiday shopping ideas 🙂 And of course, the articles and shops chosen will be Native American or Native American inspired. But also check out their Holiday Gift Guide, full of shopping ideas for everyone! But here I want to focus on moms. Your mom and all moms. Those hard working women who need and deserved to be spoiled. What they would want for themselves as well as their little ones (and not so little ones…).

Let’s start with ideas for the home

If you know this site, or its associated Facebook page, you know I am a huge fan of dreamcatchers. Down the line, I am planning on having a big dreamcatcher tattoo done as well! I personally have many, of various sizes and colors. I have some made locally by Elders and some made internationally.


For those in Canada (although it ships worldwide), the FeatherandSinew shop is a good place to start. It has gorgeous dreamcatchers of various colors as well as dreamcatcher earrings (for dreamcatcher earrings$13.50 USD). I usually prefer dreamcatchers of a natural color but I have fallen in love with the green suede dreamcatcher below! It was love at first sight. It is made of a 5 inch hoop with natural stones such as jasper (a grounding and harmonizing stone, read more about it here) and turkey feathers. It is made cruelty free and can be yours for $35 USD. Once again, click here to get it. And moms need good restful sleep filled with good dreams. So a dreamcatcher is a must!

green suede dreamcatcher












I know, I know, scarves are not really for your home but they can certainly accent your clothes or even your furniture. I have about 15 scarves myself and wear one with every outfit. I have been a fan of ScarvesChrissyInk for a while now and personally own 2 of her scarves (only because I am showing incredible restraint and not buying all of them…). I literally want all of them! All of them I tell you! See my review of one of them here.

Chrissy has the most amazing scarves ever! Once time, I was wearing my dreamcatcher one in a restaurant and a man came up to me to ask me where I had bought it. I told him it was from a shop on Etsy (I could not remember the name at the time) and he went back to his booth. Only to come back 5 minutes later with his phone showing me the picture of my scarf he had found on Etsy asking me if this was it! He was really enamored with the scarf! And for a good reason, as it is stunning. I do not know any woman who would not want one of Chrissy’s scarf. And look at her recent additions below. Let’s begin with the silk wing scarf with the bird owl design (one of my favorite birds ever). I mean holy freaking crap, is it ever gorgeous! And it can be yours for $56 USD! It is also available on a black background.

owl scarf

Or if you prefer a less colorful scarf, but just as beautiful, the silk wing scarf with feathers and wings might be for you. It sure can be for $56 USD. It is also available in black and teal.

wing and feather scarf

Or maybe you are looking for something a bit different. Then the caftan below might just be for you. I am slightly biased as this is the design of my beloved dreamcatcher scarf! I could see myself (or anyone) wearing it on a hot summer day or at the beach or pool. And how practical for moms of little ones. Throw it on, look stylish and off with the babies to run errands or to the pool! One size for $119 USD. dreamcatcher caftan




dreamcatcher caftan



If you are looking for anything feather, look no further! Kelseysfeathers is the place to go on Etsy. I personally have a pair of earrings from Kelseysfeathers (they have such a good and wide selection of feather earrings) and people ask me all the time where I got them. See my review of them here. The quality of the feathers cannot be beaten. I am currently in love with those little brown feather earrings. brown feather earrings

I mean, how gorgeous are they! You can also pick your metal from nickel free, sterling silver of 24K gold plated. And the feathers are bendable. All of this for $17 USD! I know they are on my wanted list for sure. Can you think of anyone you know who would love them?




Ok I put kelseyfeathers in the “for the home section” because of this next little gem. A custom made feather mobile! I mean come on, which baby would not want one! I am pretty sure that as a baby, I would have loved one 😉 And their mom will thank you for such a gorgeous gift! All the pretty feathers to look at twirling in the wind (it actually stimulates the baby which helps with brain development). And so original! For the cool baby (and parents), this feather mobile is a must. Starting at $80 (yes a tad pricey) you can choose from a bamboo stick or twig wreath design. See both below.

fearther mobile

with bamboo stick



feather mobile

twig wreath














And a little sparkle never hurt anyone…..

And now for the sparkle!! My favorite… I have so much,  pretty much all my jewelry is Native inspired or Native made. I am always on the look out for cool and meaningful earrings, bracelets or necklaces. I recently bought locally made Haida shell necklaces and earrings. But for now, let’s focus on arrowhead and obsidian stones necklaces. Basically 2 of my favorite things, as demonstrated by the arrowhead obsidian necklace I owned (see review here). It is a beauty but let’s check out more!


A gorgeous shop if there was ever one! All sorts of gems and stones for everyone (not all Native American inspired but beautiful nonetheless). Coral, turquoise, obsidian, amethyst, you name it they have it! What particularly caught my eye was this gorgeous obsidian and turquoise arrowhead necklace. arrowhead necklace

How beautiful is it! Long necklace (30 “) made with turquoise seed beads individually wrapped in 14k gold. Wow, just wow! I want one right now. So elegant! I can see this worn to work or to an elegant soiree. Or date night when a sitter is watching over the kids. And it can be yours for $65 USD. Not bad at all! Gentlemen, any lady would want one. Hint hint…. Get yours here.


arrowhead necklace










Ahhhhh one of my favorite shops ever! LJGreywolf is full of southwest inspired jewelry and medicine bags. Shawn Carter, the owner, is an awesome individual and artist and I have more than one of his creations. You can see my previous reviews of his products here and here (medicine pouch). His tiny medicine pouches are absolutely to die for. I get comments on mine all the time. I carry it attached to my purse. You absolutely need to get one for yourself or a loved one. Everyone will love it! It even includes a tiny bundle of sage, buffalo hair and quartz. How amazing are they! And only for $20 USD. Get yours here.

medicine pouch

And then there are Shawn’s beaded bracelets. I owned 3 and I love them all! They come in different colors, width and materials. So plenty of options to pick from. I am particularly loving this leather bracelet beaded in green turquoise with fire colors. beaded bracelet

I personally love the green turquoise color. And the Cherokee pattern and the soft deerskin lace on each side. A very unique bracelet, of high quality, which I can attest. Any man or woman would love this bracelet. Get yours for $60 USD.


Too vibrant for you? Well first off, you might be in the wrong place then! Just kidding. But southwest jewelry does tend to be done in vibrant colors… Nevertheless, LJGreywolf does have more subtle bracelets for both men and women. For example, this hand tooled leather bracelet in shades of antique greens and tans. Once again, I can attest to the quality of his work. Made of oak leather, it contains 1702 hand sown glass beads! This one goes for $75 USD.

leather bracelet


Ok one last one for today. The Purplefinchstore. A store with an eclectic mix of all sorts of products. Like what you ask? Well one can find wood beads, jewelry or even dreadlocks. So the selection is varied! My personal favorites remain the dreamcatcher (here called peace catcher) bracelet and anklet. My favorite combination of colors is the one below. Worn during the day, the dreamcatcher is said to protect you from negative thoughts and energy. Get your dreamcatcher bracelet for $31.99 USD and and your dreamcatcher anklet for $35.99 USD. Such unique jewelry, it just makes an outfit!

dreamcatcher bracelet



dreamcatcher anklet







So did you see anything you like?

No? Well it’s not about you, it’s about those you want to buy gifts for! Once again, just kidding, because let’s face it, I want all of it for myself….But I personally endorse all the items above and would (and have) buy them for my loved ones. There is something for everyone. Which really should be Etsy’s motto! But remember your mom and all moms out there and give them the love and attention they deserve. Hope you enjoy the holidays as well as those holiday shopping ideas 🙂

And don’t forget to visit the Etsy Holiday gift guide! Would love to hear your thoughts about the suggestions above. Comment below and I will respond back 🙂

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42 thoughts on “Holiday shopping ideas: Gifts for everyone on Etsy

  1. TrinaC

    This is great!! I love Native American items. I had a pair of silver feather earrings years ago. I don’t know what happened to them. I often think about wanting another pair. Now I know where to shop for some. When I am ready I will come back here to shop.

  2. PJ

    Well, Emily, you really have a gorgeous site.
    Who wouldn’t purchase such unique gift items as you have featured here.

    Yes, I always loved dream catchers too, and the ones pictured here are lovely.
    That gorgeous obsidian and turquoise arrowhead necklace also caught my eye. It would be a great gift for my wife.

    Thanks so much for introducing us to a whole new world of gift ideas – so unique and hand made as well!

    1. Emily Post author

      hi PJ
      thanks for taking a look! That necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I am thinking of getting it for myself lol! Glad you enjoyed the ideas 🙂

  3. Hindy Pearson

    Hi Emily, you didn’t disappoint (you never do!) with this latest post, and this beautiful collection of gift ideas. What I love about them is how unique they are, and my mother is a huge jewellery fan. It’s perfect timing really – my husband and I were in Vienna last week, and there were so many incredible shops to wander through. Except for one that was filled with jewellery made by local artists, the rest had pretty typical stuff. Of course there were so many beautiful pieces of jewellery, and my mother was surprised I didn’t buy any but the reason is simple. They were beautiful but there wasn’t any one thing (okay maybe the crystal glasses!) that I would have regretted not buying. This is my long winded way of saying how much I love the uniqueness of the pieces, and I do believe you could find something to satisfy every taste.

    1. Emily Post author

      Hi Hindy
      Glad you enjoyed the pieces! The jewelry is amazing indeed. I even have a few of them myself! I would agree that if you do not regret not buying it it is not worth buying it!

  4. Peter

    That is an amazing list of gift ideas Emily. You are so right, those scarves are absolutely gorgeous with such beautiful artwork. Thanks for the pictures because I’ve never saw them that big and bold before. I have to get to a pow-wow soon I’ll see lots there.
    The jewelry is also amazing, I’ll have to check it out further for gifts for my wife. She loves all that stuff.

      1. Peter

        Well I can see why and I can see why you would fall in love with them. For me it’s all the colour and because of that it shows life. It reminds me of that Joan Baez song – De Colores (I just love her)
        “And that is why the great loves
        of many colors are pleasing to me”
        from the refrain
        Those colours are love!

        1. Emily Post author

          The colors are so vibrant, you are right! I am attracted by strong colors. All my jewelry is colorful and that’s the way I like it. I have not heard that song before but I will look it up!

  5. saif

    I absolutely love the content and everything about this. Native American has a very interesting and unique culture, especially the items that you have introduce it to us. I never taught those design even exist. I think I am planning to buy if I had a chance to do so especially the ScarvesChrissyInk, its so beautiful.

  6. Anna

    Hi Emily,

    What a beautiful array of gifts! Thank you for telling us about Etsy – a shopper’s paradise! I loved everything here, but was especially drawn to the baby feather mobile and the dream catcher anklet! When I save up some money, I will definitely be back to purchase something! Love the originality of all the pieces!

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Anna!
      I know Etsy is just wonderful!! So much to look at. I want everything they sell! 🙂 The mobile and the anklet are both so original.

  7. Mianka

    You have done so much effort in compiling this list of ideas!
    I didn’t even know that some of these exists.
    Very creative, will keep an eye out on more ideas.
    Great review

  8. Maryam

    You have no idea how interesting this is to a Persian girl!!! I loved every word of it! Thanks so much for sharing. Though I’m not sure if they sell to Iran or not…

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Maryam!
      I am pretty sure some shops on Etsy do ship internationally. Each shop will tell you if they do. But I have ordered items from Australia for example and I am in Canada.

  9. Johnathan Tarter

    These are such beautiful pieces of jewelry and I am definitely would love to get them all as Xmas presents for my girlfriend and family, especially the scarf! Thank you for sharing this art with us! 🙂

  10. Marc Parsons

    Hey Emily

    I always find myself getting lost in your posts, there are just so many great holiday shopping ideas in this one that I don’t know where to start.

    I especially liked the dreamcatcher anklet though… Pretty sure my girlfriend is going to love it as she is a huge fan of dreamcatchers!

    Keep up the awesome work and thanks again for the ideas!


    Marc Parsons

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Marc
      Glad you found something that you like! It is very hard not to on Etsy! They have so many diverse products, that there is something literally for everyone 🙂

  11. Rachel

    You are very right – Etsy is one of the greatest places to buy gifts! I love that all the gifts there are handmade and heartfelt, not to mention you can find something for everyone! The scarves you featured here are incredible! Those are very beautiful. I have one similar to those that has a butterfly on it, but it is a little more abstract than the pictures on the scarves you shared. I will definitely be doing some of my holiday shopping on Etsy!

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Rachel!
      The scarves are absolutely amazing! I cannot say enough about them. I get comments on them everywhere I go with them. The quality is amazing and they are big enough to be used as shawls. Just awesome!

  12. Ido

    Great post Emily,
    The feather mobile is really nice, but, like you said, a bit too pricy.

    Maybe you could do a whole post about dream catchers?
    I am really intrigued by those, and keep wondering what exactly do they symbol, and what is their origin.

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Ido
      thanks for visiting. Actually I did write about dream catchers. I included the link in the article. You can also use the search tool using dreamcatchers as a keyword.

  13. Julie

    Hi Emily,
    What a wonderful site and some beautiful products. I have bookmarked it for later shopping. I think the ankle bracelet is my favorite so far.

  14. Lynne

    Hi Emily
    I just LOVE dreamcatchers! I went and read your post on the meaning of them and your explanation is the same as the one I heard a long time ago.
    I suffer from bad sleep, in fact when I was a toddler I had night terrors for a long time which is seriously disturbing. I sometimes sleep walk and I suffer from bad dreams and insomnia on a regular basis. This is where my love of the idea of having a dream catcher comes from. It makes me feel more at peace.

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Lynne
      ah it seems like dreamcatchers could be useful here so you can get restful sleep. Night terrors can be a normal part of development of some children. But nightmares can definitively be disturbing.

  15. Debra

    Well yeah! I found several thing I liked.I love both the dream catcher anklet and bracelets, I love both the scarves, but think I would have to mount the to hang on a wall like a piece of art. They are really beautiful and I can’t decide which I like better. LOL

    I also love the kelseyfeathers mobile. When I first saw the bamboo stick I thought it was a neat way to hang a mobile for a baby; lengthwise along the bed. Then It looked like it was hanging on the wall like it was part of the decor. As I continued to read, I think you can lang it either way. I would use it as a mobile; very unique and I like that.

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Debra!
      Haha, it is hard not to like those items! Really good idea to mount the scarf on the wall! It is a piece of art. I have since ordered the one with the owl and I cannot wait to get it 🙂 I think you can be flexible with the mobile indeed. It can be on a wall or hanging above the bed.

  16. Demi

    Hi Emily..what a lovely collection of items you have all of them..My most favorite is the obsidian and turquoise arrowhead necklace. The colors are so eye catching and looks chic..I feel I’m going to get it!

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Demi!
      Oh I want that necklace too! It is just gorgeous and the price is not that bad for the quality 🙂 Happy to hear you liked my suggestions!

  17. Yvette

    Gorgeous Emily! I love’s one of my favourite places to browse and get lost in all the beautiful things.
    Absolutely love that anklet, how divine! Lovely post, thanks 🙂

  18. Niki

    Hi Emily, I want to say that I just love your website. And those gifts what u summarise they just a great present to my spiritual friends 🙂 I have one who is pregnant and I love the kind of feather mobile for babies. I think it will be great distraction for a baby cry. Thank you, thank you once more. And i bought many things from Etsy before as i loved them as they unique and quality was very good to

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Nikki
      yay another Etsy lover! You can always count on Etsy to find unique gifts. Glad you found those recommendations useful 🙂

  19. Kelsey

    Just now seeing this, and I LOVE ALL OF IT. Also what a wonderful surprise to see you saying such nice things about my shop. Thank you!

    xoxo- Kelsey


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