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Eagle feather tattoo

Hello everyone! beaded eagle feather

So far I have touched on numerous concepts associated with Native culture and beliefs. We have discussed the concept of All my Relations and the Eagle and its spiritual meaning. As well as briefly touched on the concept of the Medicine wheel (see this post for more info ) and the importance of balance in our life (and how one on the Red Road strives to live a balanced life).

As I have explained before, I do try to live according to the concepts of the Red Road and All my Relations (even though I am not first or second or possible third generation native). it is my way of life and I strive to be on that path every day (but yes I fall and stumble at times, I am not Super woman… :)). But you might have noticed a few pictures here and there on this site of a tattoo I have on my foot. As I was recently asked its meaning, I thought I would explain it here. To give you an example of how I tried to incorporate the teachings in my life (and well, on my body!).

Its meaningfoot tattoo All my Relations

Based on what I have discussed so far, what could an eagle feather tattoo mean or represent? Well as we know, the Eagle and the spiritual meaning of the eagle is one of a connection to the spiritual world. Indeed, the Eagle, like the drum, connects the physical world to the spiritual world and brings our prayers to the Creator. The Eagle looks over us.

As you can also see there are four beads at the base of the feather, each a different color. Yellow, red, black and white. Those are the colors of the four quadrants of the native american medicine wheel, representing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual side, as well as the four seasons of the year and the four stages of our life (childhood, adolescence, adulthood and elder). Yes I know that was a lot of information at once! But the Medicine wheel is a complex concept (yet very simple at the same time). For now, let’s just remember that we (myself included) are trying to find balance between those four quadrants.

Finally, All my Relations. Well I hope that by now, you remember the importance of the concept…. As it means we are all related, connected in some way and therefore what I do affects you and what you do affects me. So we treat all living things with respect and dignity as we are all brothers and sisters.

So there you go, in a nutshell, this tattoo encompasses the essence of the Native culture. All on one foot! Not bad not bad….Kidding aside, I just wanted to give you an example of how native concepts and beliefs can come together. No need to scar your body for life with them, that was just my way of having a daily reminder 😉

All my Relations

2 thoughts on “Native American feather tattoo

  1. Markus

    What a great piece on the Native American Feather. I’ve always heard about how the Eagle looks over us, but never heard about the other stations the Eagle existed in.
    We would learn a lot about ourselves if we’d only listen to what the Native Indians had to say.
    I for one think we all need to get back to a more simple way of life.
    You have some good things here to read an ponder on. Keep up the good work, will check you back another time.


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