small medicine pouch

Native American Medicine Pouch Review-Such a wonderful little bag

Native American Medicine Pouchsmall medicine pouch

Product: Medicine pouch or bag

Price: 20$ USD

Where to buy it: LJGreywolf shop in Etsy 

Materials: Deer and buck skin, beads

Rating: 5 stars


As we know by now, a medicine pouch is carried to give strength to the carrier, to carry mementos with you wherever you go. One places items in it that provides one with inner strength and that have a special meaning to the owner. The content is personal but most will carry some smudging herbs as well as stones in their medicine bag. The medicine bag reminds you where you come from, what you have been through and what you survived. 

As I previously posted, I have a few medicine bags.  The one I am sharing with you and discussing today is the small medicine pouch above. Since I bought it, I have had so many positive comments on it. So I had to share it with you 🙂 

This particular one comes from a shop on Etsy called LJGreywolf owned and operated by Shawn Carter. If you perused through the shop you will find a variety of medicine pouches as well as beautiful beaded southwest style jewelry. This particular medicine pouch is a tiny one (it is only 1 1/2 inches) but surprisingly fits quite a bit! But it is not meant to carry as a purse, let’s say. Rather, you can carry it around your neck or do as I did, tie it to my purse.

The quality of this bag is just astonishing! So many details on this tiny hand made bag. The beading made with glass crow and seed beads is so well done. This bag follows me around, hung on my purse, and so far has survived my travels. I have to say that I was worries its content would easily fall out but in fact, it does keep everything safely inside. In Shawn’s shop, you will also see the same bag in a variety of colors, like the white one below.

white medicine pouch

This above picture also shows you what comes inside the bag. That’s right, Shawn includes some elements that you can carry in your pouch. On the left in a small plastic bag you can see white sage to protect against negativity and bless the bag (the sage is collected locally, in a traditional native way, i.e. with tobacco offerings left behind). Below the sage, you can see a tiny tiny pouch that contains buffalo hair to give you strength. Finally, a crystal is included for healing. 

medicine pouch purple beads

with purple beads


Service is quick and Shawn provides a certificate of authenticity with each medicine pouch. I small medicine pouchpersonally love mine, as well as Shawn’s friendliness. This shop is in my favorites on Etsy and if I could, I would buy this medicine pouch in every available color… I only wished Shawn would make this pouch in a bigger size, as I think it would make for a fantastic purse 🙂

UPDATE: Shawn is working on a purse version!

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