Pendleton bag: an exquisite and personalized find on Etsy

Pendleton bag: an exquisite and personalized find on Etsy

Product: a gorgeous bagPendleton bag

Where: TheLewisKingsleyCo shop on Etsy

Materials: Pendleton wool blanket fabric, reclaimed leather belt, leather, magnetic snap button

Price: $85 US or $112 CAN

Rating: 5 stars +++


The Pendleton blanket

Hello all!

First off, I thought I would discuss the history of the Pendleton blanket. Not to worry I will get to the good stuff, the bag, very soon 🙂 But for you to understand how exquisite the bag is, I have to tell you a little bit about the fabric it is made of. The Pendleton blanket and its multiple designs is, simply put, legendary. Used by the ancestors to trade or exchange with others, it was an artistic expression. The Pendleton blankets were used in ceremonies (like the button blanket would be used on the Pacific Northwest or any blanket used in a blanketing ceremony) or given to tribal councils. Below for example, you can see the Shared Spirits blanket, which you can buy here. Pendleton blankets were worn by well known and fierce leaders and chiefs such as Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce. You can see his picture below as well. Each blanket would depict a story or native mythology or meaningful symbols. You can see and read more about Pendleton blankets here. Therefore, the main take away is that Pendleton blankets were a meaningful artistic expression and not given lightly. They were treasured.

Shared Spirits Blanket

Shared Spirits Blanket

Chief Joseph wearing Pendleton blanket, ca 1900

Chief Joseph wearing Pendleton blanket, ca 1900









TheLewisKingsleyCo shop and my experience with its owners

So it began one night with me looking at pictures of purses on Pinterest…Let’s face it, it is easy to lose track of time when one is on Pinterest! So in my quest for the perfect bag, I began looking at bags made with Pendleton blanket fabric, as I have always wanted a Pendleton blanket. Why was I not looking for a Pendleton blanket and not a bag you ask? Because I probably have 5 blankets at home…. Ok ok yes I have a “million” purses too but I did not have one made with a Pendleton blanket. Ok don’t judge here, just go with my reasoning 🙂

So inevitably, this search for the perfect Pendleton bag led me to Etsy. If you are familiar with this site, you know I love Etsy and its variety of shops with unique products. To see more Etsy ideas, I recommend, see here for example or many of my articles in the Reviews category on the right. More specifically, my search led me to TheLewisKingsleyCo shop. It led me to this bag:

pendleton bag

Although I loved the shape of the bag and its originality (the strap was made with a gorgeous leather belt), I was not in love with the fabric used. I needed something  that popped a bit more. So I emailed the owners of the shop to see if they would be open to changing the fabric.

close up fabric

And let me say this: their response floored me, best customer service ever!  Farah and Lewis not only agreed to change the fabric, they asked me to send them examples of fabric I loved. I sent them about 6 and we focused on one (the one above). Which they then ordered for me! Like, can you say wow! They were very interested in my input and wanted to make sure I got the bag I wanted (shape, fabric, colors). Once they received the fabric, they emailed me the fabric with 6 different colors of leather, asking me which combo I preferred. As I loved the burgundy leather they used in the original listing, I chose that one.

Leather belt used as a strap

Leather belt used as a strap

And then I had the perfect bag

I like my bags big (none of those clutches for me!). But not only big but also practical. So I asked Farah and Lewis to have dividers inside and pockets to put all my things. My bag then has 2 big compartments as well as 4 pockets. Plenty of storage so that everything does not fall at the bottom of the bag, creating chaos…. And please let me remind you, that Farah and Lewis did this at no extra cost. I still paid the original listing price of $85 US. I have ordered from many shops on Etsy and I have to say that I have never experienced such incredible service! AND! This was before I told them I had this site and I would write a review 🙂 This was just from the kindness of their heart and their desire to make sure I got the bag I wanted.

Pendleton bag

And I sure did! I absolutely love this bag! It is big enough to carry all I want, it has very practical compartments, it has those neat snap button closures, meaning my things stay safely inside and a wonderful strap made of a belt. And what can I say about the fabric and leather that were used! Gorgeous gorgeous fabric with the teal color I love and durable hand stitched burgundy leather that just feels so rich and luxurious. It is the perfect bag as the belt/strap is very comfortable on your shoulder. The strap is also the perfect length. I hate straps that are too short, making it uncomfortable to wear or too long, where the bag keeps bumping on your side as you walk. None of that happening with this bag.

Pendleton bag

Such a good size

inside of the bag











If you are looking for a unique extremely well made bag (and really, who isn’t), one that you will have for a long time and will love every day, go right now to TheLewisKingsleyCo shop! The owners do have access to many Pendleton fabrics and are more than willing to make a custom bag for you. A bag that will be unique and that you will not see anywhere else. You will not see one on every corner that is for sure. I wanted a bag that would suit my personality, my style and lifestyle and one that would be made with a meaningful Pendleton blanket fabric. And I got exactly that and I could not be more thrilled with it. From now on, I am ordering all my purses from Farah and Lewis. I am telling you, go get yours in TheLewisKingsleyCo shop.

What do you think of my new purse and the service I received from Farah and Lewis? Comment below and I will answer you 🙂

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    1. Emily Post author

      hi Jessi!
      Contact them through their Etsy shop. There is always a button on Etsy that says “Contact shop owner”. That’s what I did. And then they did a custom order for me. Literally allowed me to choose the fabric I wanted and the style I wanted. They are super flexible!


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