Silver dreamcatcher earrings: arrowhead, turquoise and more!

Silver dreamcatcher earrings: arrowhead, turquoise and more!

Hello all!

Another weekend upon us. I have to say that time has been flying by quickly for sure! Busy busy at work and excited about now having a shop on my site! Look in the menu above to see beautiful hand carved jewelry by my friend Randy. But today, I will reviewing another product from Etsy (yes Etsy again…). Christmas time is fast approaching so time for you to think about what you will be buying your loved ones 🙂 I had some problems while ordering those silver dreamcatcher earrings but the shop owner was understanding and reasonable. Let’s look at those beautiful earrings.

Product: Silver dreamcatcher earrings with arrowhead and feather pendants

arrowhead silver dreamcatcher earrings

Silver dreamcatcher earrings

Where: EmelyRose Boutique on Etsy

Materials: Silver, turquoise beads

Price: $14.50 USD

Rating: 4 stars




The EmelyRose Boutique on Etsy

The EmelyRose Boutique on Etsy is operated by a shop owner by the same name. Emely, who has been in business since 2011, designs nature inspired jewelry. I have to say that her work is quite unique, often inspired by animals (but cruelty free) and using natural elements and materials. She works a lot with feathers as well as natural beads such as turquoise. Check out those tribal feather earrings with turquoise beads for example (see below). Her work is Native American tribal feather earringsinspired at times and the silver dreamcatcher earrings I bought certainly are meaningful (to read about the meaning of dreamcatchers, click here).




If you know this site, you know that I often order jewelry from Etsy. Like, very often! I have never encountered any problems with any merchants or artists on Etsy. However, for the first time ever, I never received my order! Therefore, I sent a message to Emely (you can do that on Etsy directly) as the estimated delivery time had long gone. She was reticent at the beginning, she did not know me at all after all. The weird thing is that the package showed as having been delivered. I looked around the mail boxes (as I live in a condo), I called the post office. But nothing! So after some back and forth, Emely agreed to send me another pair for free. I got that one about 2 weeks later. The package had been opened for some unknown reason but the earrings were still tightly wrapped inside. Weirdest thing ever but I got my earrings!

silver dreamcatcher earringsNow, on to the silver dreamcatcher earrings!

Ok I have say that those earrings are actually quite sturdy. They are not flimsy made without being too heavy either. If you grew up in the ’80s like me, you might remember the era of humongous earrings, clip ons or not. I remember a cousin of mine (she was 13 years older than me) and her collection of earrings. As a child, I would sit in her room and look at all her giant hoops, clip on glittery earrings that went past my shoulder. And what did they have in common? They were so heavy! Those earrings here are just the right weight. They won’t go flying in the wind but you won’t end up with a sore back from bending over from the weight 😉


As one can see from the above picture, the dreamcatcher earrings are relatively long. My hand is not very big but the earrings are longer than the ones I usually wear (they are 5.5. inches long). So it took a few times to get adjusted to them. But the craftsmanship on them is awesome. The little arrowhead and feathers are well made and the turquoise beads are such a pretty color (a tad lighter than I expected but I ended up loving it). Love the design of the dreamcatcher too! Overall, those earrings are a hit. Well made, pretty meaningful design, nice color on the turquoise beads. They are longer than my other earrings (they go to my shoulder) but I got used to it (fyi: they might get stuck in your scarf if you are wearing one though).

earring close up

Yes the shipping took longer than expected (it might be faster if you are in the USA though) but I would order from EmelyRose Boutique again. In fact, I am liking the tribal feather earrings more and more….. 🙂

What do you all think of the earrings? Do you have any similar ones? Anyone in your life who would like them for Christmas? Comment below and I will respond 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Silver dreamcatcher earrings: arrowhead, turquoise and more!

  1. Hindy Pearson

    Hi Emily, they are stunning earrings! So many details add interest, and I don’t think they would be as eye catching if they were shorter. You must have quite an extensive collection. I know someone who loves that type of jewellery, but that particular pair would suit her. I must admit I’ve gone on to Etsy just a couple of times, but for some reason never stuck around. I probably have to try it again when I have a lot of time to read about the products, and get to know the merchants. I’m trying to convince my niece to sell her jewellery on Etsy, but no luck.

    1. Emily Post author

      Hi Hindy!
      they are stunning for sure! And Etsy is such a great place to get lost. But yes you do need to set time aside to do it because one can easily spend 2 hours on it! If your niece has jewelry to sell then it is the place to be! 🙂

  2. Debra

    It sounds like The EmelyRose Boutique on Etsy is a great site to make purchases from. I love the silver dream catcher arrowhead earrings, but I’m not necessarily sure they are something I could wear. I am really sensitive to the weight of earrings. Do you know the weight of these?

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Debra!
      It is a great shop yes. But if you are sensitive to weight, those earrings might be a bit too heavy for you. They are not super heavy but heavier than what I typically wear for sure.

  3. Samantha

    Hi Emily, this should be a perfect Christmas present for my best friend. She like this kind of earrings so much. Can I check with you how do you organize this kind of earrings? I remember that last time when she tried to show me one, some of them has got tangled. Thanks.

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Samantha
      well I personally just hang them. I have a bowl and I hang all my earrings all the way around it. As it is high enough, the earrings to do not tangled. A glass could also do 🙂

  4. Doug Powers

    Hi Emily as a man I don’t normally wear Earrings , But I know some that do!!! , A lot off your earrings are very different from what is available in the UK, Although the big Dangly ones, look like some of the ones you see some Girls wearing here ,you seem to have something for nearly everyone’s taste. Have you tried marketing in the UK might be worth your while.

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Doug!
      I do not personally sell those earrings but Etsy does sell to the UK. Not all artists ship internationally but a lot do. I do believe the EmelyRose does 🙂

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Peter
      Etsy is a fantastic place to shop for the holidays! you can easily get lost for a few hours looking at the beautiful and unique gifts they have 🙂

  5. Lukas

    I really like these earrings. I think that my girlfriend would appreciate these. They look rather big and long to me, but she wears this type sometimes. Good to know they’re out there. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Emily Post author

      Hi Lukas
      you are right those earrings are bigger than most I typically wear myself. But I have gotten used to them so they do not bother me. They do make a great gift for the holidays 🙂

  6. Pierre

    Hey Emily,

    definitely earrings that I will recommend to my girlfriend. She loves those earrings which are special and a bigger size. She already has earrings with feathers, so I think she will like these dreamcatcher earrings as well.



  7. Yvonne

    Hi Emily,
    I don’t wear earrings but if I did I think I’d like to try on the Silver Dreamcatcher earrings! The look great and turquoise is one of my favorite color. I think they would make a great Xmas present for someone who likes accessories. I’m glad you managed to get your earrings safely the second time round! x

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Yvonne
      I agree that for the price, they make a very good Christmas present! I am a big fan of earrings so I have a lot but those make me feel special when I wear them. They dangle around and I love turquoise too!

  8. David

    Hi Emily
    I grew up in the 80s as well and these earrings bought back memories of my teacher in grade 4. Wow, that was a long time ago! Do you think these types of earrings are going to get as popular as they were in the 80s? I am thinking of getting these as a gift for my gf. Not sure though. Is it easy to return if they don’t look good on her or if she doesn’t like them?

  9. Sofia

    It’s great you are supporting small businesses. I love earrings with feathers. I love the design and colors too. I will take a look and consider giving a friend one for Christmas. Thank you for sharing Emely Rose Boutique etsy shop.

  10. Rachel

    Wow, what a great product! I love tribal things, I’ve been fascinated with them since I was young. Every summer my family goes to Colorado, and we always stop by a little trading post that has a lot of things made by those of Native American descent. I’ve gotten a canteen and a dreamcatcher for my room, but these earrings are beautiful and I may just have to get some like it! Thanks for sharing, you have a well-written article here.

  11. Johnathan Tarter

    Another very beautiful and entrancing piece of jewelry here! This is another piece of jewelry that my girlfriend would love to have and this post gives me a great idea for a Xmas present! Thank you for sharing this beauty and keep up the great work! 🙂

  12. Matthew

    Those tribal weather earrings look very cool. For a moment I thought they are meant for some other use. Those hooks just look HUGE to place in ears!

    1. Emily Post author

      haha! You thought they were for fishing didn’t you?? I think the hooks look bigger in the picture than they are in person. The earrings are actually quite comfortable to wear.

  13. Hannah

    Hi Emily.

    Those definitely are beautiful earrings. I have always been a big fan of jewelry like this and have owned various body jewelry with a similar dreamcatcher design including a belly bar I had a few years back which I loved!

    I don’t really wear dangly earrings that often but these are definitely gorgeous. I like the fact that they are so long, it makes them stand out more.



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