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Southwest inspired leather purses for sale!

Southwest Native inspired leather purses for sale!

genuine leather purse

genuine leather purse

Hello all!

Today, I recently acquired the purse above and wanted to share an offer with you. As I love this purse and its design, I am selling BRAND NEW IDENTICAL GENUINE LAMBSKIN LEATHER PURSES, dark brown with southwest inspired design. You can smell the leather as soon as you open the package. You will know its real!

And the southwest inspired style with the turquoise beading, the fringes, well it reminds me of the Navajos. I have posted before about southwest style jewelry, not it’s all about a bag!

It has turquoise beading, silver studs and fringes with ornamentation. The dimensions are: 13.5 x 0.5 x 11.5. The last one being the height. You see the manufacturer’s picture at the very top of this post and the other pictures are of mine. I am NOT selling mine, I am selling BRAND NEW purses identical to mine, packaged.

Let me tell you that I like my purses big! No small purses for me. This one contains a lot and is big enough for me. It’s not as big as some others I have but believe me that if it’s big enough for me, its big enough for you 🙂

It has one zippered pocket and 2 interior pouches and a long shoulder strap. up close
I am selling them for 45$ US or 55$ CAN and that includes the shipping to you. If you are interested, please go to my Facebook page and send me a message. Once I have 3-4 orders, I will place the order with the manufacturer. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for the purse to get to you.

I am sure you will love it as much as I love mine! Again, message me on my Facebook page here to order or for more info. 

up close leather purse


2 thoughts on “Southwest inspired leather purses for sale!

  1. Ed

    Hi Emily,
    I can always count on your site for new ideas. I’ll pass this along to the purse lovers in my family. Thanks and Cheers!


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