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Manitobah Moccasins: treasures to discover

Manitobah Moccasins: treasures to discover

Hello all!

I do not know where you are all but over here on the Pacific Northwest, we are drowning in rain today! So I am at home and thought I would share a favorite product of mine. If you know my Facebook page, you probably know how I love this company. Manitobah Mukluks is an Aboriginal owned company that sells the best moccasins and mukluks! Manitobah moccasins are just awesome 🙂 Therefore, I wanted to share with you my latest purchase with all of you. FYI: I am in no way associated with Manitobah Mukluks nor am I getting paid for this review. I just love their products!

Product: Wool canoe moccasins

canoe black moccasins

Canoe black moccasins

Where: Manitobah.ca

Materials: Leather, wool and sheepskin

Price: $89.99

Rating:  4 1/2 stars

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