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A Native Prayer

Good morning!

Just wanted to share a prayer I often say when smudging (see Ceremonies for more info on smudging).

eagle soaring A Native Prayer

O Great Creator, I come before you in a humble manner, and offer you this sacred pipe. With tears in my eyes and an ancient song from my heart, I pray.

To the four powers of Creation, to the Grandfather Sun, to the Grandmother Moon, to the Mother Earth and to my ancestors.

I pray for all my relations in nature. All those who walk, crawl, fly and swim, seen and unseen. To the good spirits that exist in every part of Creation.

I ask that you bless our elders and children, families and friends. And the brothers and sisters who are in prison. I pray for the ones who are sick on drugs and alcohol and for those who are now homeless and forlorn. I also pray for peace among the four races of humankind.

May there be good health and healing for this Earth. May there be beauty above me, may there be beauty below me, may there be beauty in me, may there be beauty all around me. I ask that this world be filled with Peace, Love and Beauty.

-Medicine Grizzly Bear

dreamcatcher in the sun