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Annual Etsy holiday shopping guide: Get meaningful, natural and original gifts for all

Annual Etsy holiday shopping guide: Get meaningful, natural and original gifts for all!

Hello all! 

Well to say that it has been a while would be an understatement! I could say that I have been
busy (true true) but really it’s no excuse. I just felt like I had written up a good set of articles and needed to step away for a bit. Not entirely as I have been in communication with many of you who contacted me with questions and comments. But! I am back! And I am back just in time for the holidays and the associated gift giving 🙂 If you follow this site’s Facebook page, you will have seen that I have posted many beautiful pieces of jewelry recently. So inspired by all this beauty, I thought I would put together a gift guide from one of my favorite site: Etsy (you can use the search bar on the right and type in Etsy to see many other articles about Etsy and reviews of products). You really find something so unique for absolutely everyone on Etsy. You can also see this post for more holiday Indigenous gifts from Etsy, or this one for beautiful feather jewelry one can find on Etsy. 

But for now, sit back, relax and let’s look at some very cool gift ideas for everyone in your life! You can also start by checking Etsy’s holiday gift guide directly here. 

Where to start, where to start?! With gifts that will make you look like a world traveler of course!

Etsy has so many great thematic gift guides this holiday season. Check out this one that will make you dream of far away places. Let’s go over some wonderful little treasures for everyone.

First off, I thought I would start with a wonderful bracelet that can be worn by literally everyone on your list. I am lucky to have a close friend who is one of the most talented beader I know. And boy does she make completely beautiful traditional and meaningful jewelry and she sure knows her stones and gems! Find her on her Facebook page, Giggy’s Beads. Just remarkable work. So, inspired by her work, I am introducing this wonderful moonstone braceletMade with moonstones and smokey quartz, it will help you clear negativity from your life and remain calm when nothing goes according to plan during your travels (does it ever??). It will help soothe you, alleviate stress and tension, elevate your spirits and help with your negative thinking. Get it here for $42.00CAN. 

moonstone and smokey quartz bracelet






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Etsy Holiday shopping guide: Gifts from the Indigenous people of the land

Etsy Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts from the Indigenous people of the land

Hello all!

If you are like me, you are starting to think about your holiday shopping (I prefer to use “holiday” instead of “Christmas” which has a religious connotation and meaning). And if you are like me, you are all about online shopping. Because really, who wants to battle crowds at the shopping center. And that’s if you can even find parking… So yes, online shopping all the way! And if you know this site, even a little bit, you know one of my favorite places to shop, for literally anything, is Etsy! Yay Etsy!! I just love the concept of Etsy. A place where artists can sell directly to the buyers, where they get a platform to showcase their work and where buyers actually get to interact with them. There are just so many options on Etsy that you can find something for every single person you know. From your mother, to your spouse, to your boss, teacher, mentor or even your neighbor’s dog (I kid you not!).

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