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Native American truth and history

Native American truth and history: contribution of the Native man

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Today I want to share the words of someone I will call the Red Man. His vision of the Native American truth and his experience. The Native people have made such contributions to the world, some were never recognized, some were misconstrued. The story might not have been told properly but here I am sharing some raw stuff. Words that come from the personal experience of a Cree man, his words on Native spirituality, on the history and contributions of the Native man.

The concept of truth

I am tired of sitting on the sidelines watching the world pass me by, the world and my life. Over nativethe years, I have learned a very valuable lesson, and the lesson is this. If you want to change, you must change your relationship to the resources available to you. Now you probably think I am talking about the land when I mention the word resources but no I am not talking about land. I am talking about the one resource that is hard for some to find and that is the resource called the truth. The truth will really set you free.

The truth is freedom

Men pray to be free all the time. The shackles and chains of ignorance smudgewere strapped to my history. The fire of truth was taken away and hidden in books that my people had a very difficult time to read. The theoretical spirit of the Red Man got trapped in a book. Do not take the fire away from the Red Man so that in seven generations, it is cold. White Man writes everything down, the Red Man does not. His truth flows with the winds of change. The Red Man is cold today because he does not really appreciate just how much his people contributed to the intellectual consciousness. Self actualization means to know who you are in proportion to the world all around you. When you do not know who you are, you are weakened and unbalanced. It then becomes difficult to get a clear picture of yourself, of your ancestors and of your place in this world. “Indian giver, savage, welfare bum” that’s what I grew up knowing about my Red Indian side, nothing good.


The Native people contributed so many good things to this world. Could you imagine an Italian without a tomato? I could not because their culture revolves around it. We gave the Italians the tomato. It took great love and knowledge and understanding to produce the tomato, tomatoes do not grow wild in the bush, they need TLC. We also gave the world corn, chocolate, potatoes, peppers, tobacco. We also gave the world fortified foods such as pemmican; there were pemmican wars for a reason. One pound of pemmican had the nutrients of 10 pounds of meat. It could sustain you for as long as needed. It could be preserved for 10 years!



History, your own history

Your own personal investigation will uncover the Red Man treasure. If you do not know what’s wrong with the world, you do not know your history. Our history is very cryptic but it’s there. Our people contributed much to the history. The Sleeping Giant that is coming to life is how much we have given and how much was taken. It is a cycle that is hard to break. Blood is shed when people fight for land. However, the land will still be there when the last land claim settlement is secured. Until someone takes it away again. Just like our discoveries will be be rediscovered. What came first? That’s a good question. This is not about getting recognition but rather to see how rich our history is, the good that we brought. The good that we can bring to the world.

Investigate yourself to extend to the utmost your knowledge of yourself. To rectify your heart, to regulate your family, to show yourself and the world just how beautiful your natural native self was and is. All races have contributed to the common knowledge, only when we appreciate the attribute of a man can we appreciate the unique race of all human beings. One day we will all share the power, the power to play, to change and to know.

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