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49 Design review: Worst customer service experience I have ever had

49 Design review: Worst Customer Service Experience I have ever had

Hello all!

Happy Easter weekend to all! 🙂 If you know this site, you know that when I review products (see my Reviews section for more Indigenous products I have reviewed), I often rave about awesome products I have bought and amazing artists who have given me the best customer service. In my own life, I always encourage wholeheartedly Indigenous artists and their art to support the communities, might they be local or far (learn about a great Metis artist who I have become friends with and VIDA this great site that encourages artists around the world here). And when I discovered 49 Design through Facebook, I was ecstatic. They seemed to have so many great products with sooooo many possible patterns and combinations.

Although their website has no page explaining who they are and what they stand for, their products, at first glance, seemed legit. They even sponsored Indigenous people who did good deeds for their communities. Looking at their site, it seemed like a site I wanted to encourage. Boy was I wrong!! Let’s see why….

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