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Spiritual inner strength

Our spiritual inner strength and home within ourselves

Hello everyone!

A year ago I read a book that enlightened me so much that I just have to share some of its

Blackwolf Jones

Blackwolf Jones

content and philosophy with you. The Book is called Listen to the Drum by Blackwolf Jones and Gina Jones. You can also find it in my resources section here. Blackwolf is an Ojibway man and his writing is just simply beautiful and touching. In the past year I found myself going through some tough times and really leaned on Blackwolf’s words and teachings to find my spiritual inner strength as well as my bigger purpose in life. Following the Red Road truly helped me remain calm, serene (up to a point…) and okay with whatever came my way. So let us look at some of Blackwolf’s teachings in regard to inner strength.

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