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Native American love and beauty

Native American love and beauty

Hello to all of you!

I hope you are doing fantastic. 🙂 Although I am tired tonight, I do want to share something that is a tad more personal with you. I want to discuss the concept of beauty and love with a Native twist. What I am sharing below are not universal teachings or a universal philosophy. But rather words that were given to me by a person very close to my heart. A person you will probably get to know through me on this site in the next few weeks. I want to discuss the concept of Native American love. But first let’s start with the concept of true beauty. Why am I sharing all of this? So that you see a small part of life, a small part of the world with the beauty that it has. So that you can see, like me, what native love is. A personal version of it yes but one that we could all benefit from.

kindred souls

 To see true beauty

The words below are not my words but rather words that were given to me. I wish to share them with you as they exemplify a wonderful philosophy.

If on your walk through life you are never introduced to true beauty, you will never recognize it. But once you see true beauty in one person, you have no choice but to see that same beauty in everyone you meet. We are all examples of true beauty.

native couple

Isn’t that beautiful? We are all different examples of true beauty. We all have that beauty in all of us. Someone just needs to see it, as we sometimes cannot see it ourselves. That person saw it in me and I am eternally grateful for it.

Native American concept of love

Ok the same person told me about the Native concept of love. A true love.

There are three main sources of attraction in the love of human beings. Attraction to the spirit, the mind and body. To have mutual attraction of the spirit gives birth to friendship. To have mutual attraction to the mind gives birth to respect. To have mutual attraction to the body gives birth to desire. To have the combination of all three sources of attraction gives birth to a real true love. A Native love 🙂

I do not know about you but I find this to be very beautiful and touching. Love is an abstract concept and in a sense, an individual one. We love differently, we love some people differently than others. To connect with someone on a spiritual level is one of the most profound connections we can have with someone. A connection that transcends the physical world. A very deep connection. When that is combined with a physical connection and a more intellectual and emotional one, well then you have something you should hold on to 🙂 It took me a while to see I had that.

indian love

I want to end with a poem, a very sweet poem that touches me deeply. Those words I could not understand back then but can now see them for what they are. I can now appreciate them and love them for the reassurance they provide. A reassurance I felt myself needing.

Sleep my lovely lady, dream such beautiful dreams. Fulfill your every fantasy, dine with kings and queens.

This is your moment in paradise, enjoy it while you can. This is your moment in paradise.

Walk with dignity and pride for you have nothing to hide. This is your moment in paradise, enjoy it while you can.

For when the sun shines bright I”ll hold you tight and kiss all your pains away.

native poem

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