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Difference makes us but….in the end we are all related

Difference makes us but…..in the end we are all related

Hello everyone!

How’s everyone doing? As I attended a Pow wow not too long ago, I feel fantabulous! I love Pow wows and I am sure you have seen some of my posts about them. The energy of the dancers and the drums, the atmosphere, the artists selling their beautiful products. I love it all! Different nations all unique but coming together to celebrate mother Earth, the music and traditions of the ancestors. And this made me think: are we all different or are we all the same? Well I think it is neither. I think, as the Etsy campaign says Difference Makes Us but! We are also all one. We all have a certain uniqueness but in the end we are all related. So inspired by the the motto of the campaign “celebrate all our un-similarities” I thought I would reflect on what makes me “me” and what do I identify with.

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