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Feather jewelry and more: some cool Etsy finds

Feather jewelry and more: some cool Etsy finds

Hello everyone!

I am hoping everyone is experiencing the sun rays on their face as I am right now. I am going through a period of transition in my life at the moment, just as Mother Earth is, with summer coming our way (or a change of seasons no matter where you are). I feel the need to look around me and be grateful for what I have, be grateful for what Mother Earth gives us. A lot of our needs can be met when we turn to Mother Earth and our relations in nature. We are all connected and can help one another. I find much solace when I go for a walk in nature, when I reconnect with my cousins the trees and hear my siblings the birds sing. It is a beautiful world when one is surrounded by trees and moss, or water. So today the focus of this post, is on natural jewelry, jewelry made with elements found in nature. For it, I turn to Etsy (if you know me you know I buy my jewelry at Pow wows or fairs directly from the artists or on a few trusted sites like Etsy). So please check out the Natural jewelry page on Etsy right now!

To learn more abut Etsy and its philosophy, see this post where I discuss it.

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