VIDA: A place for unique designs by a Metis artist, so much to love!

VIDA: A place for unique designs by a Metis artist, so much to love!

Hello all!

Feathers & Medicine tote by Carole Rose

Feathers & Medicine tote by Carol Rose

Today I wish to share with you a site I discovered and an artist I recently had the pleasure of meeting. Indeed, if you know my site, you know that I always prefer to buy my scarves, my jewelry, my moccasins and my clothes directly from the artist. As much as possible. And today I want to feature Metis artist Carol Rose. I ran into Carol at a Pow wow I attended a few weeks ago. Her work was displayed (paintings and cards) and she walked up to me looking at her work as I was saying aloud: this is just incredible! And her work IS incredible!! It is honestly unlike anything I have ever seen. Her technique of tight dots making a bigger designs is just phenomenal. And that is just part of her work! She has many gorgeous and peaceful looking designs. But before we get into her work, let’s talk about the website she sells her work on: VIDA.

VIDA: a partnership between makers and artists

I honestly had never heard of VIDA before Carol gave me her business card. But I checked it out once I got home. And after reading about the concept of the site, I was hooked. What a great idea! Indeed VIDA is a site where multiple artists can sell their work. And VIDA supplies the production of the art and clothes by makers all around the world. Each piece is custom-made and made to order. Meaning that it is made only once you order it. It provides ethical work (and literacy training) to makers all around the world (e.g. 100% modal scarves are made in Pakistan) and a platform for artists to showcase their creation and designs. For example, when I met Carol I was looking at some of her paintings (more specifically the Feather One and Feathers & Medicine designs), which, through VIDA, are transformed into clothing.

Home design by Carol Rose

Home design by Carol Rose, sleeveless top $75

For example, above you have the top I just ordered from Carol. Look at that design! I am in love with the colors and the abstract design (while including recognizable designs such as feathers). Her creation made into a classic and chic top! As it is custom made, it does take longer than typical to receive the item (4-5 weeks) but the result is worth it. The fabrics used are just the softest I have ever seen. Both makers and artists get to show their skills. And that is just awesome. I am a big fan of sites that help artists get their work out there (Etsy anyone?, Yes please!) and VIDA is a new favorite of mine.

Metis artist Carol Rose and her work

First, I have to say that Carol is such an approachable artist. Lovely woman who is passionate about her work and the quality of her products. She actually reached out to me after I had ordered and we have been in contact since. And you need to check out her VIDA page! Such a unique page! Her designs are truly breathtaking. Again, I don’t usually talk to myself aloud while looking at artwork at Pow wows, but her work took my breath away. So my first order was for her modal Feathers & Medicine scarf and her Feather One t-shirt. But really, it was hard to choose as her designs are just all beautiful (I also love her 4 Seasons design, check it out on a modal scarf here). Carol had already told me that my order would take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive as it is custom made.

Feather One t-shirt

Feather One t-shirt by Carol Rose

Feathers & Medicine scarf

Feathers & Medicine scarf by Carol Rose









Incredible customer service!

From both VIDA and Carol! The VIDA team kept me updated of the status of my order with emails telling me when it was being produced and when it was shipped. And my order arrived in 4 1/2 weeks. Just as expected. From beginning to end, my experience with VIDA and Carol was top-notch! If you look at her page, you will see that one can certainly want to order all of her designs! There is something for everyone. I know that, for me, her Feathers & Medicine and her Feather One designs caught my eye. Probably because the artwork I was looking at at the Pow wow, was so beautiful and unique. I am running out of space on my walls at home but to have her designs on clothes was just perfect for me! Look at them below, they are hard to resist! And the fabrics are sooooo luxurious! Extremely soft to the touch.

close up scarf

Close up Feathers & Medicine scarf, $40

Feather One pillow

Feather One Pillow by Carol Rose, $75









Feather One

Close up Feather One t-shirt

Immediately after I placed my order, I received an email including a $10 giftcard to be used on VIDA. At the time, I did not feel like ordering again right then. So I waited. A few weeks later, I received another email, this time containing an offer code for $30 off my next order! Well then of course, I had to buy something else. And of course, I turned to Carol’s page once again! That is when I ordered her “Home” design sleeveless top (picture above). And I cannot wait to receive it. Because I know I will be satisfied once again. (Update: I have received it and loooove it!, I get so many compliments on it). Next up, I am saving up for one of her sheer wraps, which I know I would find so many uses for. I would love her Northern Lights wrap or her Big Butterfly wrap! See both below:

Big Butterfly wrap

Big Butterfly wrap, $120



Northern Lights wrap, $120










Me wearing the Home top by Carol Rose


So please do yourself a favor and check out Carol’s page on VIDA (once again love the mission of the site!). Just a reminder that the holidays are in less than 2 months. If you order now, you will get your order on time and your loves ones will completely and utterly love their gifts. Original work from a Canadian Metis artist on a site that helps both the artists and the makers, it does not get better than that 🙂

All my Relations

Close up of me wearing Carol Rose “Home” design on a shirt

3 thoughts on “VIDA: A place for unique designs by a Metis artist, so much to love!

  1. Beatrice Segev

    I have sent the email that follows to the Ketchikan address, perhaps you can also help me find a buyer for genuine mother of pearl elements:
    Message body

    Hello: I am writing to ask for your help finding a buyer for my mother of pearl paillettes and other pieces, suitable for “button blankets” or other Native American artistic and craft projects. I have also filled out the form at the contact us address above, and if this is not appropriate for you would very much appreciate your forwarding it to any other parties that might be interested.

    The email to contact us address follows:

    I have hundreds of genuine mother of pearl “buttons” which could be used, in lieu of the polyester pieces now used because of the scarcity of MOP, for making “button blankets” or other decorative pieces. They are now in Craigslist in jewelry, but they have a much wider application. Could you put me in touch with artisans who might be interested in purchasing these? /Most are Paillettes, that is, with two off center holes for attachment, in both black and white pearl, plus a large group of other pieces I could include, all for the advertised $40 plus postage, paypal available.
    Thank you for your help,I can be reached by email ( or phone (landline, no text) 212 243 5713. Photo will be made available.

    Thank you very much for any and all help.

    Beatrice Segev
    340 West 28th Street, apt. 12j
    New York,NY 10001

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Beatrice
      Unfortunately I do not know any artisans in your area. I would suggest going to a cultural center near you to maybe post an ad. However, that being said, I would say that one way of going about it would probably be to trade what you have with artists, instead of selling it.


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