Walking the Red Road

Walking the Red Road

Hello all

I just had a walk along water to reflect, meditate and recenter. I put on my head phones and listened to pow wow music for 2 hours. Below are some pictures I took.

We all need to reconnect with nature, with the water, with the trees, with the birds. With the natural elements. That is what I did today 🙂



I listened to the sound of the waves, the rhythm of the ocean, the cries of the birds. And I took deep breaths. ocean

I try to take one day at a time, to focus on feeling peaceful and focused. Am I always successful? God, no!!! I have my moments of frustration, of sadness, of despair. But I let it ride, I take action and I ask for guidance and strength.

365 days of walking the Red Road

Yesterday, I remembered a book I bought a while back. 365 days of walking the Red Road. The Native American path to leading a spiritual life every day. In this book, you will find daily quotes, inspiration, historical facts and reflections. You can find it in the books section of the Resources page. I will make it my daily routine to read it every morning when I wake up.

The Red Road

The Red Road or the Red Path is the Native spiritual path. Walking the Red Road means living in the moment connected to all that surrounds us, respecting all of our relations and Mother Earth and Father Sky. It means finding a balance between and attending to our four sides: spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. It means taking care and respecting ourselves and the Creator. It means being thankful for what we have, to only take what we need and to give back. To give back to those around us and to the spiritual world. And to remember where we have been, to remember and honor our ancestors. It is walking in the right path of life, where we do the right thing even if it’s freaking hard at times…. Its opposite would be the path of self-destruction, aka the Black Road.

Simply put, the Red Road is a road of respect, humbleness, truthfulness, spirituality. It is believing that there is a power higher and greater than us who has a path for us. Each step on our path will be shown to us in time. It certainly does not mean having a perfect life. We can fall and stumble on the Red Path, but we also get up and keep going. We discover ourselves as we walk and learn from mistakes we have made. We grow and evolve. But the goal is to live a balanced life 365 days of the year. To balance our commitments to our family, friends, community, work, spirituality and to ourselves. Not an easy task! But one to strive toward.

All my Relationsred road

15 thoughts on “Walking the Red Road

  1. Ian

    Hi, I love reading things like this. Info like this should always be passed down. Like the native Indians of the US and the aborigine of AUS. Their beliefs and traditions are very important and should be kept alive. Thanks. Ian

  2. Candie Witherspoon

    Thanks for sharing. I am finding my way to walking the Red Road. I have lost myself and wandered aimlessly for many years, forgetting what once brought me my greatest joy in living…walking the Red Road.

    1. Emily Post author

      Hi Candie!
      So happy you found your way back. I see life as being a process and and sometimes we need to take a detour to go where we were meant to go. I know that’s what happened with me.

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  4. Joseph Francis

    Hello: I was on or beginning on the Red Road then stress and many other issues I straide from the way I need to be on. Please tell me ,help guide me back to where I belong. Thank You Josie

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Josie
      I would say that each person’s red road is a very personal road and can look many different ways. Your way is in your heart and your spirit knows it. Ask your spirit to guide you, pray for guidance. Go to your teachings and start with those. I hope you find your way again too. But the red road is bumpy, that’s normal and you can always get back on it.

  5. mark

    Oyate waste. It may be cultural appropriation but I am better for knowing this teaching. Know that you touched my heart ♥. I give thanks for the wisdom of all who went before me, for we are all tiospaye. Pilamaya yelo.

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Mark
      you are welcome. It is not cultural appropriation to know a teaching 🙂 If it speaks to you and makes sense, then it’s even better. Thank you for visiting and sharing with us 🙂

      1. Alain

        Thank you Emily. I do worry that First Nation folks would question the “integrity of my spirituality. I am barely out of the closet. 🙂 I chose/met my spiritual guide when I was 6. I know I did not meet him in this realm because he died 40 years before I was born. But I visited his home.

        To me I believe that we can never get off our sacred path. There is no failure. There is no contest or deadline.

        But most importantly no judgement. You get no points for helping a stranger and loose no points because you suffer from substance abuse.

        Saying “Walking” is better than “Standing” is a judgement.

        Enlightenment comes from giving your life to protect someone else. In other words to act with purpose with no fear.

        So stand up for someone. Stand up for your family.

        But above all stand up for strangers.

  6. Layne Sims

    The black road taste good but becomes bitter in the mouth lacking in depth and sustenance ❤ the red road is our 4 elements, our heart on the current it was made for.

  7. Stephen Sundown

    The red road is a wide road not narrow. It’s not an easy road, however, it is a road worth traveling. It can be a lonely road, a bumpy road and a road hard to navigate. If you loose sight of the road and your path becomes dark. Close your eyes, find your center, look within, and ask the great spirit for guidance. The answers are there. But, do you want to hear them? Remember the red road is not easy. That could mean sacrifice, change, letting go, forgiveness, acceptance, surrender. The red road is as different as each of our stories. What is the same, is the red road is a journey to discover ourselves and live the way the creator intended, in peace, harmony and love.

    1. Emily Post author

      Thank for Stephen for your words. Absolutely, the Red Road is not an easy journey and it is not a straight line. It has peaks and valleys. But one can certainly find peace on it 🙂


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