Annual Etsy holiday shopping guide: Get meaningful, natural and original gifts for all

Annual Etsy holiday shopping guide: Get meaningful, natural and original gifts for all!

Hello all! 

Well to say that it has been a while would be an understatement! I could say that I have been
busy (true true) but really it’s no excuse. I just felt like I had written up a good set of articles and needed to step away for a bit. Not entirely as I have been in communication with many of you who contacted me with questions and comments. But! I am back! And I am back just in time for the holidays and the associated gift giving 🙂 If you follow this site’s Facebook page, you will have seen that I have posted many beautiful pieces of jewelry recently. So inspired by all this beauty, I thought I would put together a gift guide from one of my favorite site: Etsy (you can use the search bar on the right and type in Etsy to see many other articles about Etsy and reviews of products). You really find something so unique for absolutely everyone on Etsy. You can also see this post for more holiday Indigenous gifts from Etsy, or this one for beautiful feather jewelry one can find on Etsy. 

But for now, sit back, relax and let’s look at some very cool gift ideas for everyone in your life! You can also start by checking Etsy’s holiday gift guide directly here. 

Where to start, where to start?! With gifts that will make you look like a world traveler of course!

Etsy has so many great thematic gift guides this holiday season. Check out this one that will make you dream of far away places. Let’s go over some wonderful little treasures for everyone.

First off, I thought I would start with a wonderful bracelet that can be worn by literally everyone on your list. I am lucky to have a close friend who is one of the most talented beader I know. And boy does she make completely beautiful traditional and meaningful jewelry and she sure knows her stones and gems! Find her on her Facebook page, Giggy’s Beads. Just remarkable work. So, inspired by her work, I am introducing this wonderful moonstone braceletMade with moonstones and smokey quartz, it will help you clear negativity from your life and remain calm when nothing goes according to plan during your travels (does it ever??). It will help soothe you, alleviate stress and tension, elevate your spirits and help with your negative thinking. Get it here for $42.00CAN. 

moonstone and smokey quartz bracelet






Ok now, how about a great travel mug that one can keep in the car or even take on planes (empty of course)? I have so many mugs and cups with traditional designs on them. But I really fell in love with this completely unique ceramic travel mug. How gorgeous is it! 






I am in love with the sepia image used as well as the addition of the watercolor abstract pattern that sort of looks like trees, as well as the saying. Just a clean beautiful piece any traveler can have! Get it here for $52.53CAN. 



Ok one more in the wanderlust and traveler’s category: this infinity scarf with a pocket. Say what!! OMG this is genius! First, I absolutely loooooove scarves! I have about 40 with traditional First Nations designs and I am not even exaggerating. And now to make a cozy cotton scarf with a hidden pocket to store all the things you don’t want to hold in your hands (e.g. passport, lipstick, money, phone) now that is a marvellous idea! Because really, no one will ever figure out that you are storing your belongings in your scarf and when you don’t want to carry a bag, this is just perfect! This one is one I will buy for myself for sure. Get it here for only $32.84CAN. 

One last one in this category: simple turquoise earrings. Nothing too fancy, nothing too big but the perfect stocking stuffer or the perfect gift for a teacher, an aunt or a coworker. Simple but chic. And only $17CAN. Now that’s a sound investment with the bonus of turquoise, a healing stone. Get a pair here. 

Stocking stuffers, natural gifts and traditional gifts

Now that’s a good category! I love getting or giving little gifts that are just little treats to others. Things they would not necessarily buy for themselves but enjoy receiving. As well as gifts made from Indigenous artists. I think at this point my family is now used to receiving traditional gifts made by local artists for every occasion. I am so lucky to live in a city where the Indigenous cultures are alive and to know sooo many amazing artists. I always buy locally when I can but sometimes it might not be possible (depending on where you live). That being said, I have also bought from wonderful artists online. And that’s why I love Etsy so much. Because you get to buy directly from the artist and create those relationships with them.

Let’s start with this amazing wolf medicine bag I have written a few articles on medicine bags including this one, or this review of another one. But when I saw this wolf one, I just fell in love. This is a small one that can be worn around the neck or carried around in your pocket or purse. I personally always carry a medicine pouch in my purse. And it is on sale! Get 20% off now when you check out. Order it now to have for Christmas. It is definitively neutral enough to be for both males and females. Carry it with you for protection and strength. Get it here for $57.80CAN (not including the 20% discount). 



Now how about a body and hand balm? I am the queen of balms and salves 🙂 I buy some locally made or even made some myself. I use them for everything, depending on their ingredients. Whether it is to heal a rash, a scratch or a tattoo or just to moisturize your skin, balms are amazingly great and versatile. So easy to carry around in your bag and when you travel (you can easily bring them on the plane). So this hand and body balm is just perfect. You can also choose from 2 scents: lavender-lemon or eucalyptus-mint. Really, I would say buy both as both lavender and eucalyptus are soothing and disinfectant. They will moisturize your skin well and keep bacteria away. A must when you travel and during holiday season. Get it here for $13CAN.  

Lavender-lemon hand and body balm

Now another great beauty stocking stuffer is this organic charcoal soap. I discovered charcoal soap a few years ago (I was using charcoal masks before). And I have to say that I am a fan. It is such a good skin purifier and this one with tea tree oil as well will definitively help your complexion. Activated charcoal helps remove impurities from your skin and tea tree is just amazing for one’s skin (very purifying). Very natural and completely organic with coconut and palm oil. Get yours here for $9.52CAN. 

Last but not least, one of my favorite artists of all times, one I always include in my recommendations, Shawn from LJGreywolf. Really his whole shop is amazing! I own a few of his beaded bracelets and one of his tiny medicine pouches and I just love them. Very high quality authentic work. For today though, we will focus on his Cherokee spider beaded buckskin cuff. 

Now that is unique! I find it so beautiful and ironically, I am deadly afraid of spiders lol. I am getting better but still, you will see me slightly hyperventilating when I see one… Shawn’s work is impeccable, he takes such care with his beadwork. This cuff is flexible and easily adjustable and made with glass seed beads of fire colors and turquoise. They truly pop! I have one in similar colors and the colors really are as bright as pictured. Such a good meaningful and authentic gift! Get yours here for $131.35CAN (with free shipping) or get lost in his store looking at all his gorgeous beaded creations. 

Well, there you have it, amazing (well I think they are) gift ideas for all on your list this holiday season. I know that for some the holidays are not a pleasant or happy time. I have worked with many clients over the years who just dreaded the holidays as it just reminded them they were by themselves or estranged from their loved ones. So, here is the challenge I leave you with. Be kind to strangers, be kind to someone you might have a tendency to judge. Listen to what they have to say. And maybe give them a little something. Brighten their day by giving them a little token of affection, a smile, a coffee, sitting down to chat for a few minutes. I have had some of my best conversations that way. Don’t judge, listen first and keep an open heart. 

Happy holidays to all of you and don’t forget to check out Etsy’s holiday gift guide!

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  1. Coreen

    Could you please tell me when the soap berry is ready to pick is it in July have picked it years ago around valemount but can’t remember when

    1. Emily Post author

      Hello Coreen
      My understanding is that the harvest season on the west coast is in the summer from the end of June to August.


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