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Obsidian stones obsidian stones

Crystal cure-obsidian







Crystal cure-amethyst


The one above is taken from an Etsy shop called SacredlandSage, a wonderful shop for stones and smudging herbs and materials.

Medicine bags, jewelry, clothing and more

For beaded medicine pouches  similar to mine (the quality and service are amazing), go to LJGreywolf on Etsy. You will also find great authentic native jewelry and art.

For bigger leather medicine bags like mine and jewelry with feathers go to Dieselboutique on Etsy.

Another great place to find native art, bags and jewelry is the AAANativearts website. They have a variety of medicine bags, ranging in prices and materials. 


For Pow Wow footwear including Moccasins / Shoes the above website is also great (or click on the link I just included for the direct page on the site). 


4 thoughts on “Arts, crafts, etc

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Hans
      I am not quite sure what you mean. do you mean like a rosary with beads? If so, then no, not quite. One can make prayer ties to pray with. Or use tobacco as an offering and pray over the tobacco. Or other medicines one might use.

  1. Chad

    A wonderful stone to carry in your pouch is the sacred Catlinite or “pipestone”.
    A spiritual connection with the ancestors.


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