Canadian Native art: Etsy is the place to go!

Canadian Native art: check out Etsy!

Hello all!

How’s everyone doing on this last weekend of summer? So today I thought I would discuss one of my favorite lighter topic: Etsy and its wonderful artists! For those not familiar with Etsy, where have you been! Just kidding… Etsy is a wonderful platform, a website where individual artists can sell their handmade products. Each of them unique and one of a kind pieces. I buy a lot from Etsy, might it be sage sticks, jewelry, dreamcatchers, purses, you name it. And every time I wear my Etsy products, I get stopped by people and get compliments on them. If you like to buy directly from the artist (which I am all about, hence why I buy most of my stuff on Etsy or directly from the artists at Pow wows or Native fairs), this is for you. So let’s look at some wonderful Canadian Native art or Etsy’s Made in Canada products 🙂

What can one expect from Etsy?

Being the Etsy expert buyer that I am 😉 I want to share my experience with different artists on Etsy and with Etsy in general. One thing is for sure: I always have wonderful wonderful customer service. Think about it for a second and it will make sense. You are buying directly from the artist. So they want you to be satisfied. They want you to get what you want and recommend them to others. Yes you do not all have a website to recommend artists to others but still, word of mouth is huge for artists. So I have to say that I have gotten extraordinary service from shops on Etsy. I have very rarely been unsatisfied with my order. Some artists have even given me free products when they experienced difficulties getting them to me. So really, to all the artists I have bought from, thank you for your dedication.

Made in Canada events

In order to celebrate all the “fabulousness” of those Canadian artists, Etsy has created a Made in Canada Editors’ Picks Page with wonderful recommendations and suggestions for you. See what they have in store (no pun intended) here. And! On September 24th, join the rest of Canada in attending one of the pop-up markets across Canada to buy goodies in person. Check out this page to learn more about the pop-up markets and to find out where the closest pop-up market is from you. I know I will check out the one in Vancouver, close to where I am! I mean we have so many great artists in Canada, we need to celebrate them! And we have so many artists making and selling Native art and products. Believe me, that’s a topic I am passionate about! I buy my art and jewelry directly from the artist 99% of the time. Because then you know it was not made in a factory in China. I have nothing against China at all but if I am buying Native art, I want it to be traditionally made and to be authentic. So let’s check out some of my recommendations for Made in Canada products and shops!

Pacific Northwest art

For those who do not know, I live in Vancouver BC, Canada and I am surrounded by art from the Pacific Northwest every single day. Sculptures, totem poles, wooden chests, you name it. Some of it in my house 🙂 So I thought I would share this very local shop:


Check it out here now! I just love every single piece in this Vancouver based Etsy shop. Sculptures, talking sticks, masks, wooden chests and plaques are made by British Columbian First Nations Kwakwaka’wakw artist Rod Smith. Who is clearly talented! Let me share some of my favorites.

Let’s start with this stunning Spindrift sculpture of Pacific ocean waves made of basswood. See the full listing and get yours here. Spindrift pacific ocean waves sculptureI mean wow! Yes it is a little over $800 but you do get the three sculptures that are made to display together. And made of quality wood. I love the touch of blue at the bottom and the design on them. I would love to have that on my coffee table (I would need to buy a coffee table but it would be worth it!) or on display in my office. I cannot stop looking at it, I love its curve and the effect of the three waves.

spindrift pacific ocean waves sculpture









And what to say about this gorgeous hand carved and hand painted Eagle chest made of yellow Eagle wooden chestcedar! I don’t think it gets more Pacific Northwest than that! Especially in BC. Often given as gifts to honored guests during for example a Potlach. They can also be used practically to store, for example, ceremonial objects or regalia. This one will set you back $1000 but you will have it forever. It is that well made and precious. See the full listing here.

eagle wooden chest


After all this beautiful art, let’s now focus on jewelry! Another favorite category of mine 🙂 If you want to see great West Coast style jewelry, visit the SpiritWolfArt shop! Owned by multi-media artist David Neel from North Vancouver, who not only does jewelry, but is also a carver and photographer and owns his own gallery. And bear in mind when looking at his creations that you can request the animal design of your choice. The way it should be: custom made. A favorite creation of mine are those Thunderbird earringsThunderbird earrings made of both sterling silver and 14K gold. One inch in length and 1/2 inch in width, they are the perfect size. Considering the earrings include gold, the price tag of $305 is a reasonable one and comparable to what you will find in a gallery. See the full listing here.

Moving on now to rings! David sure has a nice selection in his shop. All can be ordered to the width and size of your choice and with the animal design of your choice. I particularly love one of his wolf rings. I do have my own wolf wrap ring, which I absolutely love (not made by David but still). I love the symbolism of the wolf, its connection of the spiritual world. The one below is a thick or wide silver ring which could be worn by both men and women. This one will set you back $210 (a reasonable price once again). See the full listing and the options here.

Wolf ring


Ok one last one! FeathersandSinew, a shop owned by Teri-lee Neuman, who I first met on my Facebook page (the first one that was hacked, arrgghhh). I then went to visit her shop and it was love at first sight! Do you love dreamcatchers? Then this is the shop for you! Teri Lee makes those beautiful dreamcatchers (and dreamcatcher earrings) from Chilliwack, BC (lots of talented people in BC, just saying….). Teri Lee uses a variety of materials including different feathers, all obtained cruelty free.  I am a fan of her chocolate brown suede with goose feathers dreamcatcher. Just love the addition of the blue on the feathers (hand dyed). I love the meaning of dreamcatchers and I can see this one for my home or office (yes I put them everywhere not just in my bedroom). See the full listing and more pictures here.

brown suede dreamcatcher

And what to say about her dreamcatcher earrings! I used to have a dreamcatcher necklace that broke (not from Teri-lee’s shop!) and those earrings remind me a lot of it. I am particularly fond of those ones with carnelian stones (protection and power stone and beautiful color). Made of silver with antiqued silver feather charms, they are 3 1/4 inches long. I think that is just the perfect length, and not too heavy. Got get yours here. I know I will shopping for some for myself 🙂

dreamcatcher earrings


close up








So there you have it

Great Canadian Native art! Made in Canada on Etsy! So lucky to be in a country with such talent. In a province where Native art is everywhere and actually part of the scenery. Visit those wonderful artists and their shops mentioned here. Go see all they have to offer. You won’t regret it! And don’t forget the pop-up markets on September 24th 🙂

What do you think of the options presented here? Do you like the art and jewelry? Are you also a fan of Etsy?

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Native art: Etsy is the place to go!

  1. Jeff


    I had the privilege to work in the North Territories and in the North of Quebec. I have seen so many nice Canadian native Art pieces. I bought some piece that I still have in my office, 25 years later.

    Thanks for sharing the Canadian native Art spirit on your blog

    Best Regards, Jeff

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Jeff
      so nice of you to stop by. I have been up north (in the Yukon) and I was always amazed by the art I would see up there. We have so many great Canadian artists 🙂


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