dreamcatcher feather scarf

Dreamcatcher scarf review-Much more than a scarf!

Dreamcatcher and feather scarf review

Product: Dreamcatcher and feather scarfdreamcatcher feather scarf

Price: 58.95$ US

Where to buy it: ScarvesChrissyink shop on the Etsy site 
Fabric: Hand made in silk and modal

Rating: 4 1/2 stars 

About the scarf and Etsy shop 

What is Etsy?

I am not going to lie, I love Etsy! Such unique products, a lot of them handmade. For those who are not familiar with the Etsy site, it is a site where people around the world connect, to make, buy and sell unique items. It is a site where artists get to share their unique work with customers around the world. Products you can buy are then unique and I think, come from the heart 🙂

ScarvesChrissyInk and dreamcatcher scarves

I first discovered Chrissy’s shop when I was looking to buy dreamcatchers. A picture of the scarf above came up. I was sold! I mean, look at it! Then I began looking at her other products and loved most of them too…I exchanged a few emails with Chrissy about her products and she always answered promptly and in a nice manner. Very nice shop owner. 

This scarf in particular is of good quality. Soft, big, just like a scarf should be. I bought this one and plan on buying more! Actually, when I showed a picture of the scarf to a male friend of mine, he looked at me and said: yeah, that’s not a scarf, that’s a blanket….Well he was not all wrong. As you can see in the picture below, this scarf is more like a pashmina. You get to wrap yourself in it on cold nights, or when you need comfort. 

dreamcatcher-feather scarf

This is a masterpiece, an art piece, not a scarf one just throws on to brave the cold outside. Oh no! The colors are exquisite and the details phenomenal. And when you think of the Native culture, well this scarf represents it very well. Dreamcatchers to keep bad dreams away, feathers of different birds to represent your relations and bright colors of the sky, the earth and nature. 

The Only drawback (for those living in North America)

Well yes there is a small drawback…. Chrissy is based out of Australia. Therefore, if you live in North America, patience is required when ordering her scarves….be prepared to wait a few weeks for your products to get to you. However, it is worth it! And Chrissy offers the same shipping price for Canada and the USA (around 9$) (a big plus, as Canadian shoppers often have to pay more for shipping for international products). So people, go for it! Love through her shop to see her beautiful collection and don’t be afraid to message her with questions or comments. 

I also invite you to comment below, ask questions or review Chrissy’s shop if you are familiar with it. 

close up scarf

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10 thoughts on “Dreamcatcher scarf review-Much more than a scarf!

  1. Gord

    Hi not sure if you want a comment on your posting or the scarf. the scarf is of course magnificent. your site is very good as well.
    You did mention that the scarf is of good quality. you didn’t mention if you owned one. I would think some more pictures of the scarf and more on the quality, the type of materials it is make with etc. can it be washed. Is it one of a kind. You said some of the products are hand made, was the scarf.
    Your writing is very fluid and easy to read, your enthusiasm jumps off the page. I hope this helps.
    Nice Job

    1. Emily Post author

      Thank you Gord! Sorry, I thought it came across that yes i do own the scarf. I listed the materials at the top (and the fact that it is hand made) but good thinking about how it can be cleaned.

  2. Michael

    Very Pretty Scarf. I will have to check that Link out to see about getting one for my wife. Many others should be happy to find what you offer on your Website. Nice Job!

    1. Emily Post author

      Thanks Michael! Once in Etsy, just type in ScarvesChrissyInk in the search box. You will then see all her products including the scarf


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