Feather jewelry and more: some cool Etsy finds

Feather jewelry and more: some cool Etsy finds

Hello everyone!

I am hoping everyone is experiencing the sun rays on their face as I am right now. I am going through a period of transition in my life at the moment, just as Mother Earth is, with summer coming our way (or a change of seasons no matter where you are). I feel the need to look around me and be grateful for what I have, be grateful for what Mother Earth gives us. A lot of our needs can be met when we turn to Mother Earth and our relations in nature. We are all connected and can help one another. I find much solace when I go for a walk in nature, when I reconnect with my cousins the trees and hear my siblings the birds sing. It is a beautiful world when one is surrounded by trees and moss, or water. So today the focus of this post, is on natural jewelry, jewelry made with elements found in nature. For it, I turn to Etsy (if you know me you know I buy my jewelry at Pow wows or fairs directly from the artists or on a few trusted sites like Etsy). So please check out the Natural jewelry page on Etsy right now!

To learn more abut Etsy and its philosophy, see this post where I discuss it.

What will you find on the Natural jewelry page?

Well, you will find a world filled with treasures! Just kidding. Well sort of 🙂 You will see jewelry made from natural elements such as wood, stones or feathers. Although I will focus on feather jewelry in this post, I wanted to share a few of my favorites in the wood and stones sections.

Indeed, would you just look at this wonderful ring made of bocote wood. I mean, wow! Made by OriginHG, this ring is certainly one of a kind and stands out. The wood is just so rich and unique. You can even customize the accent color that runs in the middle. Get yours here for $83.39 CAN.

Bocote wood ring

Bocote wood ring by OriginHG

Now, let’s talk about the pebble/stone jewelry that is on Etsy. To browse yourself, see here for the many many options available. I love stones and their energy and healing properties. Therefore, I have many in my house for different purposes. To read more about the benefits of crystals and their specific uses, see here. But for now, I want to focus on this beautiful necklace below by ArtBoundByLucie. Have you ever seen a pebble like this one?! Wow, such a unique one! Look at the design that looks like tree rings but on a stone. Get yours here for $50 CAN.

Pebble necklace

And on to feather jewelry!

If wood or pebble/stone jewelry is not your style (I love both as they are so natural and organic), then maybe you will love feather jewelry as much as I do. I love feathers generally speaking, in dreamcatchers, used for smudging feathers or in jewelry or art. I find their lightness attractive and calming. I also have more than one tattooed on 🙂 Further feathers such as eagle feathers are sacred and used in ceremonies. I was lucky to be gifted a beaded eagle feather (you should never buy an eagle feather for yourself) that I use every day when I smudge.

Hence why I also have many jewelry pieces with feathers, from earrings, to pendants to bracelets. Check out the feather jewelry page on Etsy here. Be warned, you will be browsing for hours….So I thought I would share some of my favorite finds, which really are just a few of the options offered. I might do a follow up post with more recommendations later on though. For now, you can also check out this post of mine for more Etsy Native American jewelry recommendations.

Papillon9 and their feather in a bubble

Feather in glass bubble by Papillon9

Oh I love this one. Papillon9 has some cool stuff (glow in the dark jewelry anyone?) but my favorite certainly is this awesome feather in a glass bubble pendant. I mean, wow! The delicate white feather inside the glass bubble and the cool light effect on both ends! Divine! I think this piece really shows the airiness of the feather, offering a very delicate but unique piece of jewelry. Get yours here for $66.36 CAN. I am sure you will love it as much as I do.

feather in a glass bubble pendant

feather in a glass bubble pendant

How delicate!












Wampum shell feather earrings by Mediman

Wampum shell feather earrings by Mediman

Oh what a gorgeous shop Mediman is! It is wampum shell galore! Does everyone know what a wampum shell is? It is a shell bead that was often used by the ancestors. It was either white or the combination you see on the right: white/purple. The latest would come from the Quahog hard shell clam. Wampum beads were often put on strings to make intricate patterns on belts, called wampum belts.

Getting back to those beauties on the right 🙂 Those wampum feather earrings are to die for. All handcrafted by the owner of the shop, each piece is unique. Each measures approximately 1 1/2-2 cm (or about half an inch) and are carefully crafted. Look at the colors and how the two just flow together. Just stunning! Get yours here for $63.60 CAN.

LJGreywolf and his beaded feather bracelet

beaded feather bracelet

Beaded feather bracelet by LJGreywolf

I am a big fan of the LJGreyWolf shop on Etsy (read more about the shop and and its products here or here). Shawn Carter, the owner of the shop certainly is talented! I have owned a few of his creations for a few years now and they are all in great condition. When you buy from Shawn, you buy quality. I especially love his beaded bracelets (I have 2 of them) and his little medicine pouches. And today I want to focus on this gorgeous beaded feather bracelet. Loooove it! Yes it is somewhat on the expensive side but this is for sure a one of a kind piece that you will have for years. Check it out below and click here to get yours for $212 CAN.

beaded feather bracelet

beaded feather bracelet


MastersofTincture agate feather pendant

Ok one last one! I could write this post forever but I will let you browse Etsy’s Natural jewelry page on your own time as well. But! I had to show you this beauty. A burgundy/white agate protection pendant with a little metal feather. The agate is a protective stone, one that promotes stability, security and protects the traveler. I have seen many agates but none were this beautiful. The two tones are just gorgeous and make this pendant stand out like no other. And such a good price for it too! Get yours here for only $23 CAN (just the pendant, no chain included).

agate pendant

Agate protection pendant by MastersofTincture

So there you have it! Celebrating nature in jewelry! We are in a time of changes, with the seasons changing. The sun is shining today and I feel its warmth on my cheek. It inspired me to share those wonderful natural pieces with you. I hope you like them as much as I do. And check them all out on Etsy’s Natural Jewelry page! Go lose yourself for a few hours in the beauty of all that is offered 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Feather jewelry and more: some cool Etsy finds

  1. Anmonous

    I was looking about smudging and I fell into this and it was interesting to read. About I do respect my culture, we did this project in native studies today and it’s very emotional. We did this hearts for the people whom was effected by restidential schools and for “reconciliation ” ???
    Anyways, before putting these hearts into the schools garden we smudge so when it came to my turn, I had a strong feeling to smudge even thou I was on my moon time but I knew it was wrong but I had to, to let go off that heartache and pain now that school is coming to an end,But I’m rethinking because “did I do something terrible”? And just want a little input . Ty

    1. Emily Post author

      hi there
      I am glad you stopped by my site and that it was helpful. Thank you for the project that you did and your interest in the true history of the Indigenous people. As for your question, well you did not do something terrible. It depends on the territory you are in, the teachings you have, the context. Yes some will be very strict and not touch any medicine while on their moon time as being on our moon time is medicine in itself. I do believe that too. However, I get that you were wanting to wash off the pain, which can be immense when we deal with residential schools and the trauma. So I think that it is about respectful in doing it. Maybe offering tobacco once you are off your moon time and thank the medicine for what it gave you.


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