Follow up: 7 weeks after my car accident

Follow up: 7 weeks after my car accident

Hello all!

It’s been a while I know….I have been struggling to write since my car accident. If you want, you can read about it and the weeks that followed here. So I thought instead of trying to find something to write about, I would just share those struggles with you. Because as much as I want to say that it has been easy, it has not. Don’t get me wrong, it could have been way worse! I was lucky to walk out of my car with nothing broken. I really was. But I think what we often underestimate is the toll such trauma takes on one’s spirit. So let’s talk about that.

What being in “recovery” means….

Everywhere I go, people say to me “be careful you are still recovering”, or “it’s normal you are in recovery”. Alright, but what does that actually mean???? I mean, yes I go to physio therapy and massage therapy every week. My body is recovering from the shock of the accident and from the stiffness and soreness that followed. The bruises are gone, the swelling has gone down. See what they looked like here. Three weeks ago, I started kickboxing again. A sport I have truly enjoyed over the past 5 years and one that helped me out a lot over time. I was sad to have to stop practicing it for 4 weeks. But it would not have been wise to go back earlier. Some people in my life did not agree with me kickboxing again, saying that my body needed to heal.

Ok but what does that mean? I think everyone’s body heals differently. Mine heals while moving. Of course I was careful when I got back into it and the instructors were wonderful. I protected my left side (which has soft tissue damage) and listened to my body. But being active is healing to me. It keeps me sane at times, it helps me recenter and it helps me get frustration out. So to me, being physically active was crucial to my “recovery” no matter what anyone said.

But what about spiritual or emotional recovery?

Hmmmm that is a harder one. How does one heal their spirit? And even better, how does one know it needs healing??? Well that’s a good question. How would you answer it? As I previously explained, I felt my spirit leaving my body after my car accident. I was not myself. I was crying,I felt empty and numb. I was just roaming around with no purpose.

spirit leaving body

Until I went back to the scene of the accident and put tobacco down. Asking for my spirit to come back. And then I felt like myself again. I did not feel empty anymore. Was I totally back to being myself? No I was not. I could feel that I could not handle as much emotionally. For those who do not know, I work with a difficult population. Although my work can be heartwarming, it can also be exhausting. At work, I have to be solid, I have to be the rock for my clients and my staff. I cannot be down and struggling. Or everyone else will. I don’t mean that because I think I am that important. I mean that I need to be consistent and always there for everyone. Which is difficult to do when you don’t quite feel as solid as you used to be.


tobacco offering

So what about now?offering

Well I have since gone back to offer tobacco three more times. For a total of 4 times, for the 4 directions. Each time I went I offered tobacco to the four directions, to Father Sky and to Mother Earth, asking for my spirit to find its way home. So I could be whole again. Each time I just sat down and pressed the tobacco in the grass praying.

I also went to a sweat to take care of my spirit, for my spiritual healing. I definitively felt better afterwards. I slept very well after. That being said, I think that, as frustrating as it can be, the physical recovery is the easy one. I had underestimated the emotional turmoil that would follow. Again, it is not like I am sobbing every day, barely functional. That’s not it. But I feel different. I am finding that I need support, I need to talk things through (well I always have), I do not have the emotional strength that I used to have.

prayer ties

I make prayer ties when struggling

Don’t get me wrong, I am still strong kickass Emily 🙂 And others still see me as that. But I feel a change in me. One that I am struggling to explain. It is subtle but something changed in me. Yes there is physical pain at times which in turn affects my mood and patience. But some things also affect me differently. For example: experiences with clients. 99% of the time, I am able to let go of whatever happened at work (e.g. being called names, yelled at, threats being made, etc). But lately, I am mentally tired and I am not able to let go as much. Something happened last week. And normally I would have let go of it by now. But this time it affected me more. And I am struggling dealing with it like I used to. My mind is tired and so is my spirit.

I never thought I would say that, but yes my spirit is tired. Although it just came back in my body, I can feel it needs to recharge. Thus I am going away this week. To recharge. Because if I don’t it will start affecting my work and my life. And that cannot happen. They say, “listen to your body”. But they forget to also say, “listen to your spirit” because it knows. Mine is saying “let me recover, let me gather my strength back”. And I need to listen to it. So that I can continue on my healing journey.

tobacco ties

Has anyone ever had a similar experience? Does anyone understand what I am trying to convey in this article? Share below and I will respond back 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Follow up: 7 weeks after my car accident

  1. Marissa

    Hi, reading this I defiantly understand though I am very young & I haven’t been in a car accident , I think my spirit is emotionally drained from all the trauma I may have put myself through .. My anexity has reached an all time high where my body goes numb and life does not feel real .. What’s my purpose , what is this purpose ? Questions I have been asking myself & then strange conisidences happen where a stranger tells me I am going to be a teacher … I don’t know but I know I am not myself .. And I am trying to find peace not seek it . Find it.

    1. Emily Post author

      Hi Marissa
      thank you so much for sharing your experience. Trauma can certainly affect your spirit and can cause your spirit to leave your body. If you are able to smudge and pray. I think we all have moments where we doubt our journey and our purpose. Only you would know if this feels like a known experience to you or not. Things do happen for a reason and we do meet individuals for a certain reason too. Oftentimes, it is not obvious in the midst of the moment but it becomes clearer later.

  2. Yvonne

    Hi Emily,

    I dropped by to see how you’re doing. I’m glad to hear that you’re going away to recharge. I hope you’ll be spiritually healed soon. Take care, my friend.


    1. Emily Post author

      hi Yvonne
      so nice to hear from you! I am feeling better. My time away was just wonderful. I needed it to recharge. Self care is so important on so many levels. I hope you are doing wonderful and are still cooking amazing dishes 🙂

  3. Anthony Hastings

    Hope all is well with you and your`s Emily .
    recovery takes time and life changes us but who we are today is because of the distance we have come . if we stay to the path we know as good we will have given more than we take . the great ones gave all in service to their people .
    I send this message not only to give warm well wishes but to ask about what kind of tobacco to give as a gift to a freind that i have not seen in a long time and it ways heavey on my heart to give a proper gift not dime store leaf . just want to not make a poor gift . my thoughts run from finding raw tobacco and braiding it in three strainds to making a bag of leather and beads . not sure how far to go and found you site it is beautiful as I am sure your spirt is .
    Thanks for your time and trouble

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Anthony
      thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words. Much appreciated. The tobacco you give is up to you and the region you are from. I typically give a pouch of pipe tobacco. As I do not have access to hand grown tobacco. If you can pick tobacco from someone who grows it, go for it! But offer something in exchange. You can give it loose to be use in smudging and ceremonies. Or braid it, it is up to you. If you are good at beading and sewing, giving a hand made bag could be appreciated.

  4. Neil

    Hi Emily, I know exactly what you mean in your post. I have been in an emotionally abusive and draining relationship for the last 12 years. The only good that has come out of it is my 2 beautiful kids. Reading your blog is giving me strength to heal my body and spirit and my heart which just cant stop grieving. Thanks!

    1. Emily Post author

      Hi Neil
      thank you so much for sharing your experience. It warms my heart that this site is helping you. I have been in 2 of those relationships and it is completely draining. I found it also killed my spirit and it had to be reborn. I had to let go and do the healing work I needed to do. I am still doing the work but I can say that it was not easy. Takes a lot of strength. Reach out to me here any time.

  5. Esme

    Hi Emily,

    I can really relate to what you are saying, I also was in a car accident earlier this year. From what you have said I think put crashes may have been similar. The crash was pretty bad but aside from bruising and stitches in my knee I was physically fine. I too had the same feeling after the crash, and am feeling emotionally vunerable too. If would love to talk with you about it more if you are ok with that.

    Warm wishes,
    Esme xx

    1. Emily Post author

      Hi Spring
      I am sorry to hear that you do not feel that connection with your therapist. It’s hard finding the right person. I do not know which book you are referring to.


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