Obsidian arrowhead necklace review

Turquoise and obsidian arrowhead necklace review: such a beauty!

Product: Turquoise and black obsidian arrowhead pendant and necklaceblack obsidian necklace

Price: 59.95$ CAN

Where to buy it: PicCreations shop on Etsy

Materials: Obsidian stone, turquoise, black onyx, silver

Rating: 5 stars


Hi all! I just got this turquoise and obsidian arrowhead necklace today and had to share my thoughts right away! It was love at first sight that is for sure! This necklace is so well made. The chain and clasp are sturdy and you can just see that it won’t break any time soon. And the craftsmanship! The beads are beautiful. I just love the black onyx mixed with the turquoise. You get a pop of color here and there with the blue as well as the silver accents. Therefore, it is quite versatile and can be worn by both women and men. I can certainly see native men wearing this necklace.

Further, I got wonderful service by the Lori Lynne, the shop owner. I live in Canada and she shipped my order almost right away and I received it within a reasonable time frame. As a Canadian, I was happy to see a Canadian artist on Etsy! Her shop PicCreations is full of wonders, jewelry made with gemstones and crystal. I am obviously fond of obsidian and turquoise, hence why I bought this particular necklace.You can also find obsidian stones in my resources section here.


And as you can see from the pictures below, the necklace itself is just gorgeous. The arrowhead pendant is just of such quality. I have had other arrowhead pendants and they were certainly not as gorgeous. necklacearrowhead pendant

What is the meaning of the different stones?


As I have posted before, the turquoise is a sacred stone used in ceremonies, particularly by the Navajo people. It is a healing stone, a balancing stone that promotes inner calm.

Black onyx

Black onyx reminds me of my childhood. I used to have a black onyx ring that my mom bought me. I cherished that ring! Everyone would ask me if it was a mood ring (remember those?) and I was offended every time, telling everyone who would listen that it was black onyx. Ah memories. But I digress. Black onyx is a stone that promotes strength and self-confidence (I was certainly projecting that while talking about my ring as a child!). It also helps feeling more grounded and centered and balanced from within, something we could all use.


I love obsidian! I would wear it all the time. It is THE stone to carry to protect against negativity. I personally have one in every one of my jackets and in my medicine pouches. As a black stone is it a protective stone that shields the owner. It also symbolizes self-control and resilience. And it is formed as lava cools down within the earth. How cool is that?


When you combine all of those stones on one necklace, you do have one powerful and cool necklace. And let’s not forget about the arrowhead! A symbol of alertness and a representation of the hunter/gatherer in the native culture. The one on the necklace is 2 inches long, just a good length. I know what I am wearing tomorrow at work 🙂

Finally, as Lori Lynne says, stones will absorb both positive and negative energy. Therefore, they need to be cleansed regularly. I would say smudge it. Use sage and smudge the necklace. And a reminder that you can get this turquoise and obsidian arrowhead necklace in Lori Lynne’s shop. So what are your thoughts on this necklace? Are you a fan?

22 thoughts on “Obsidian arrowhead necklace review

  1. Markus

    I would wear that to as I’ve had a few arrowhead necklaces in my day. Your right though the black onyx with the turquoise make this necklace really nice to look at. Not only that but you’ve taught me a lot about what each stone does/represents. Any way I just might have to check out Etsy myself.


  2. Dave Gasser

    I can definitely feel your passion toward Native customs and the necklace is beautiful. I never knew about the tradition of cleaning the jewelry to remove the energies from it, very interesting. I am also very happy that you support the artists of Etsy, there are so many talented people there that need our support to continue creating beautiful and interesting works. Great post Emily

    1. Emily Post author

      Thanks Dave!
      Oh yes Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop! and I sure am passionate about the native culture and traditions! Glad you visited 🙂

  3. bryan

    I have never looked at a native American necklace or piece of jewelry as anything other than being very pretty. I never thought to stop and really look at different stones and think about the meaning behind them. It was very cool to learn about a few of these meanings, and about cleansing

  4. Ed

    Hi Emily,
    Great post as usual. You always find the most unique and interesting things to talk about. The Obsidian arrowhead necklace is a real stunner. We’ll be visiting Alberta Canada in a couple months for vacation. Can you recommend any places to visit? Cheers 🙂

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Ed!
      thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed the post!
      As for your visit,there are for sure plenty of places to see in Alberta. I would certainly recommend the major cities such as Calgary but as well as well Banff and Lake Louise, where the 1988 Olympics took place. Gorgeous lake! And West Edmonton mall as it is the biggest shopping center in Canada! Even has an amusement park in it. And if your kids like dinosaurs, then go to this place: http://www.albertaparks.ca/dinosaur.aspx
      If you have time, for sure cross to British Columbia, where I live. Just a gorgeous place!! So many places to see. If you do, let me know and I will give you some recommendations

  5. Terry

    This is a really good showcase for Canadian crafts. It is also a great source of information around the qualities of the materials used. Thank you

  6. lyubov

    Dear Emily,
    Obsidian arrowhead necklace is grand and thank you so much for an explanation for stone meaning and how to take care of them.It is so great that you support an Etsy artist, it’s an amazing place to find very unusual and creative objects in almost all category. PicCreations is a wonderful store, and now I know what to buy for my new year presents.

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Lyubov
      thank you for stopping by! To this day this is one of my favorite necklaces. So pretty and such good protection around your neck. And don’t even get me started on Etsy! Love it!


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