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My new school clothes: The day before a new school year

My new school clothes: The day before a new school year

Hello everyone!!

For those following my Facebook page, you know that I just came out of 3 days of courses on Aboriginal therapy, part of a certificate I am doing. Such an intense course but left feeling grounded and better. For those interested in the certificate, read this. I highly recommend it 🙂

Today, the Red man is back. With a very personal story that will be unfolded in three parts this week. He shares a story of abuse but a story of love too. A love for his kokum (grandmother) mixed with a hatred for the abuse she put him through. His story is the story of many Native people, a story of abuse but fear of being taken away from his family. To a place even worse: foster care. I encourage you to read some of his story with his kokum here, before you go on. So here we go with part one, the story of his new school clothes and the anticipation of a new school year.

I got new school clothes! “You better keep them clean!” she warns

The house in Moccasin Flats burned down soon after the devil did its deed (Moccasins Flat was where the Red Man lived as a child, learn more about it here). Everything we owned went up in flames at Christmas no less. Years later, all sense of innocence and safety was lost. Reality was harsh and ugly but I did my best to find pleasure the best way I could: escape! Continue reading