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Native American beliefs (values)

Native American beliefs (code of professional conduct)

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You are probably wondering what I mean by “code of professional conduct”. Well it can actually refer to different things. it could refer to the code professionals working with Native American clients respect. But it can also refer to how we treat one another, how we conduct ourselves with others (as I think the code applies to more than our professional life). The code can also be referred to the “Seven R’s”. I was introduced to it in a program I am currently enrolled in and it was used when referring to psychotherapy. I am including a code of Ethics below that also refers to how one lives amongst others when following the Red Road (or as much as possible). It refers to the traditional way of living, the way our ancestors lived, a simpler way of life. And a very beautiful way of life if you ask me. Let’s look at the Seven R’s which are inspired by the code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics

1- Relationship: Remembering that we are all connected, might that be within our family, or within a social or professional context. We are all in a relationship with one another, we are connected to one another. And as a therapist, unless you establish a connection with your client, there is no point in going further.

2-Recognition: Recognizing and being aware of the other, of their situation and story. Being aware and accepting that we all have our story that affects who we are today and our actions. Accepting that even though we are different, we are related. Accepting others as they are, and where they are in their life.

3- Reconciliation: Cooperating together, finding and re-establishing balance. Balance of all our sides, conciliating what might feel like opposites (female vs male for example). The native way is not about the “bad” and “good” but rather about finding balance and harmony.

4- Responsiveness:  Responding to the other, to their experience. Answering the other’s needs and influencing each other to be balanced and connected to the Creator.

5- Respect: Always show regard to others, always act with respect and honor one another so the other does not feel violated. Always respect one another, no judgment. If one has lost their way, then help them or pray they find it again.

6- Redress: Correct the other if you feel they are not understanding what you are saying or experiencing. Rectify your wrongs, set right what was misinterpreted or what was hurt. Speak the truth. Always say the truth in a gentle manner.

7- Representation: Find your voice. Represent your people, you nation, your ancestors. Represent your culture, have a voice.

ten native commandments

So there you have it. The picture above is a different version of the code of ethics but communicates the same message. One of respect, tolerance, kindness, truth, responsibility and balance. I leave you with a great poem by BC chief Dan George

chief Dan George

All my Relations

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