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Featured artist: David Fierro and his stunning Native American drums

Featured artist: David Fierro and his Native American drums

Hello all!

This past week was a special week for me for a few reasons. One of them was the raising of a totem pole a block away from my office, for the survivors and residents of an area of Vancouver called “downtown eastside” (DTES). The area is also known as “Skidrow” for its high incidence of crime (including a high incidence of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women), homelessness and drug use. Definitively not an area easy to live in day in and day out. However, it is where I work and I would not change that for anything. Because there is so much beauty in the people living there. A lot of trauma yes but also such beauty and resilience. Which is what the totem pole represents. I look forward to visiting it when I need strength and peace. See it and read about it on my Facebook page or learn more about the meaning and history of totem poles here

Drum by David Fierro

Drum by David Fierro

Last week was also the week that I finally got my own drum! So let’s talk about drumming, the meaning of a Native American drum and the wonderful and talented artist who made mine: David Fierro.

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