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Dreams interpretation: Intro to an Indigenous perspective

Dreams interpretation: Intro to an Indigenous perspective

Hello all!

at my graduation

receiving my blanket

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying yourself. I am still smiling from my graduation last week 🙂 Read more about it here. I miss those people and it has only been a week! Such a wonderful blanket ceremony and a wonderful time. So I want to continue in the spirit of that great time and share some more wisdom and knowledge and perspectives that were shared with me in the wonderful program that is Aboriginal Focusing Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma (AFOT). And today, I want to talk about dreams. 

You see, before I went through this awesome program, I was trained in western psychology. More specifically in psychodynamic/psychoanalytic therapy or psychology. Yes, the Freud stuff… That was my training. And although, I enjoyed it, I did not feel like it was enough. So I kept on going. I think I will be an eternal student…But that being said, because of my original training, I also believed that dreams had meaning, they serve a purpose. They bring to the surface information that, normally, when awake, our defenses would block out. I truly believe the dreams have a meaning and a message. But how do we interpret them? Here, I will be giving an overview of different schools of thought but will not be going in depth. As that would be a very lengthy article (I can talk a lot about dreams!)…But there might be a follow up at some point 🙂 I am including some books from Amazon at the end for those who are interested (I am using them in this article).
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