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Canadian Native art: Etsy is the place to go!

Canadian Native art: check out Etsy!

Hello all!

How’s everyone doing on this last weekend of summer? So today I thought I would discuss one of my favorite lighter topic: Etsy and its wonderful artists! For those not familiar with Etsy, where have you been! Just kidding… Etsy is a wonderful platform, a website where individual artists can sell their handmade products. Each of them unique and one of a kind pieces. I buy a lot from Etsy, might it be sage sticks, jewelry, dreamcatchers, purses, you name it. And every time I wear my Etsy products, I get stopped by people and get compliments on them. If you like to buy directly from the artist (which I am all about, hence why I buy most of my stuff on Etsy or directly from the artists at Pow wows or Native fairs), this is for you. So let’s look at some wonderful Canadian Native art or Etsy’s Made in Canada products 🙂

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