The Mastery of Love

The Mastery of Love Review-One loaded little book

The Mastery of Love-Don Miguel Ruiz

The Mastery of Love

Don Miguel Ruiz

What it is: A book

Length: 205 pages

Author: Don Miguel Ruiz

Cost: 7.91$ US or 13$ CAN

Where to find it: or

Rating: 5 stars


The Mastery of Love Review

Let me begin by saying that this book is so simple but yet so powerful. And let me add that, as this book was recommended to me by a former client within a correctional setting, I was not too hopeful when I began reading it almost 2 years ago (I was still learning to not make assumptions….). 

However, once I began reading the book, I could not put it down. It is a compact book that reads like a novel. The author, Don Miguel Ruiz, is known as a toltec guru who teaches and preaches simple concepts that can and will change how you live your life. For more information on the author and some of his other work, please click here.

Its message

The Mastery of love was written as the third and final book in a series that include The Mastery of Awareness and The Mastery of Transformation. Integrating concepts from another of Miguel Ruiz’s well known book, The Four Agreements, The Mastery of love communicates a simple yet effective message: that to love one has to drop their expectations. Ok, let me clarify what I mean. Don Miguel Ruiz discusses the two paths or tracks of life: love and fear. He goes on saying that love has no expectations or conditions but fear is full of expectations and conditions. We do things out of fear because we feel we have to and we think the same of others. When we love, we have to love without expectations. We just love. In order to truly love, one has to drop their expectations, their obligations in regards to their lover. An important message but a very hard one to accept. 

But for Don Miguel Ruiz, with love comes compassion and respect. Therefore, one needs to respect the choices of his lover, let them fall if need be and help them up afterwards. “I love you without expectations, I love you just the way you are”. That’s the message of true love. And on the path of love, one trusts that everything will come in due time, that there is justice. One does not try to make others pay for their mistakes because one knows that the other will pay once for their mistakes. The Mastery of Love, with its love track, also comes with a powerful and liberating message: I am responsible for myself only, I am not responsible for the other half in my relationship. With that truth comes freedom and justice. 

I imagine most of you are thinking, yeah that sounds all fine and dandy, but there is also real life…..Yes there is real life with its challenges. But Don Miguel Ruiz’s message in this book is a clear and simple one: You cannot change others. You either love them as they are or you don’t. And we always love ourselves first. Because without self-acceptance and love, we cannot accept and love another. And if we are lucky, we find the right person for us at the same time that we are the right person for them.

My recommendation

So as you can see, this book is simple. It carries a simple message that most of us fight every mastery of loveday. We try to change others, to be responsible for them by trying to control them, we accept less than we are worth. 

My advice: Read this book with an open mind. With an open heart. This is the kind of book that will make you think, reflect and will touch you in one way or another. Take your time to read it and absorb its message. Underline passages (I certainly did), re-read them. And reflect on how you can relate, on how you can apply its principles in your relationships but also to yourself.

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2 thoughts on “The Mastery of Love Review-One loaded little book

  1. Jess

    Great review Emily! I have read this book, as well as others of Don Miguel’s and truly value his simplistic approach to such deep topics in life. His readings have brought me so much peace and understanding regarding things that have happened in my past and help me to move forward being present in the now. Much love and light to you : )

    1. Emily Post author

      Thanks Jess! Absolutely agree! this book has so much power. It helps the reader achieves freedom and peace. Such a simple but complex philosophy


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