Turquoise and leather bracelet review: wonderful piece of jewelry

Turquoise and leather bracelet review

Product: Leather wristband with turquoise stonesturquoise and leather bracelet

Price: 26$ USD

Where to buy it: On Etsy in the Sheekydoodle shop

Materials: Turquoise beads, leather, pewter silver accent beads

Rating: 5 stars

What can I say about the shop it comes from?

First off, if you have read my other reviews on my site, you know I am a fan of Etsy! What is Etsy you ask? Well to give you a quick description: it’s an awesome site where individual artists sell their products. For more info about the site, read this review in which I discuss Etsy.

So this leather and turquoise bracelet is from a shop called Sheekydoodle owned by Dar. The shop itself is full of braceletwonderful southwest inspired jewelry from turquoise necklaces to silver rings. There is a dedicated Southwest and boho jewelry section and it is where I found this leather and turquoise bracelet. Hard to select only one but that’s the one I bought. Not to worry I will be back to buy more, as I already have my eye on this bracelet 🙂 The turquoise used on the jewelry in this shop is just exquisite. The little flecks in it make each bead different and the color is very bright and light. If you love turquoise, this is the place to check out! For a great article about Native American artists using turquoise, click here.

Bracelet and turquoise stone

For Native people, the turquoise is a symbol of balance, a stone used in ceremonies, especially turquoise braceletamongst the Navajo people. It is a sacred stone. And a beautiful one. This particular bracelet boasts four turquoise beads. In the center of those turquoise beads, you will find a four direction symbol. Looking a bit like a vane. in the Native culture, it does represent the four directions (E, S, W, N) but also the four quadrants of life (childhood, adolescence, adulthood and elder) and our four sides (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Just like the concept of the Medicine wheel.

turquoise bracelet

The wristband is made of great leather and I found that it fits perfectly and all snug on my wrist. I was afraid that it would move around my wrist and that the stones would jiggle and be in the way. You know how annoying it can be when you are trying to type on your computer and your bracelet keeps getting in the way or makes a ruckus? Well not with this bracelet! It fits so well! It is adjustable so you can wear it more snug. It did not move all day and was very comfortable. The leather is well made and supple. Honestly, I could barely feel it on my wrist. But each time I would look down and see it, I would smile 🙂 And I got a free pair of matching earrings from the shop owner with my order! Love the set and the daintiness of the earrings. You can see what I received below.




Go for it!!! Very well made bracelet, incorporating materials with a significant meaning within the native culture. It fits well, is well made, pretty and is made with a sacred stone. Really, what more do you need? Visit the Sheekydoodle shop to look at the bracelet as well as similar pieces of jewelry.


23 thoughts on “Turquoise and leather bracelet review: wonderful piece of jewelry

  1. Jan Brase

    I like the background image on your site, the main body feels a little sterile to me though in contrast to the soothing tones in the background.
    Your review was informative and fun making me feel like I would like to go browse the Etsy site. Your product images are nice as well. It might be better if you began with the review of the bracelet and then moved on to Etsy and the shop where it was purchased.
    Overall it’s a nice review and you’ve done a good job.


    1. Emily Post author

      Hi Jan
      well I always like to go from general to more specific in my posts. Have an introduction and then go in the core of the topic. Thanks for your comments!

  2. Ed

    Hi Emily,
    This post “Turquoise and leather bracelet review” is a little different than your other posts. But of course you’ve done a wonderful job of it. The bracelet is very attractive and I do like Turquoise and Leather. I hope you’ll be bringing us more great stuff. Cheer 🙂

  3. Claire

    Hey Emily, beautiful bracelet! Turquoise is one of my favourite stones – it’s so pretty and versatile, and it looks like the item above is very well made. Isn’t Etsy great!

  4. Marcus

    That’s a lovely looking bracelet. There’s something about the color turqoise. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because it’s a mysterious “in between” color and my eyes are never quite sure whether’s blue or green. Or maybe it’s because it reminds me of the sea.

  5. Cat

    When I saw you’d posted a review of a turquoise and leather bracelet I was already excited and hoped it was a good one. Two of my favourite materials! I’ve always loved the colour of turquoise, and the natural look of leather. The bracelet is truly beautiful. What a nice surprise that she sent you matching earrings! I just might have to check out her shop. Etsy is great isn’t it! 😀 Cat

    1. Emily Post author

      hi Cat
      Etsy is indeed fantastic! I find the mix of the leather and turquoise to be great. The two are very natural and organic. I wore my bracelet again today and still love it!

  6. Demi

    Turquoise is my weakness. Leather and Turquoise, the combinations makes it really unique. I browsed the ETSY shop, It really has awesome products to offer!!

  7. Jeremy

    Hey Emily!
    This is a great looking bracelet. My wife and I used to travel through Kentucky a lot. They have some of the best Native American shops. That’s where she fell in love with this kind of jewelry. I do believe I will have to surprise her with this one. 🙂 Great price too! Thanks for the review. ~Jeremy

  8. Ty Jord

    This bracelet is a really nice piece. Absolutely loving the whole idea behind the design. Leather means it’s going to be pretty durable and it’s reasonably priced as well.

    Great review, best wishes.


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